Bridlington comes slightly out of order, since the Alex in Hull was actually my last East Yorkshire tick. A week later, a Yorkshire Wolds branch formed a breakaway from their Humberside host.

This is where I get geographically lost, as ““The group’s area will basically be a line from Hornsea to Driffield and through Wetwang to the North Yorkshire boundary“, but the new branch “will initially be a sub section of Scarborough branch to allow for guidance and mentoring of the committee“. Send any questions about GBG allocations to the Wetwang Weekly.

Driffield has, er, drifted a bit in Guide terms recently, but look at how many entries there are in Brid these days.

And they’re crackers, from micros to Spoons to creaky old free houses.

Look, here’s a little pub crawl leaflet someone prepared earlier.

My latest trip to the new Capital of Cool (East Yorks winner) gave me an opportunity to leave my letter with the 1922 Committee.

It read “nice font”.

Three B’s was actually around when Mrs RM and I were here last year, but I didn’t know it would be in the Guide a month later, and it’s never a hardship coming back to the coast.

It was packed, I guess it doesn’t take more than a dozen to fill up, and I got to stand at the bar with my lovely North Riding (see, getting their beer from Scarborough now) and chat pandemics and pubs and the wonderful Old Town.

With yet another micro (BridBrewer) opening, possibly in the 10 minutes I was inside Three B’s, I guess I’ll be back again later this year. This time we may even stay in their Brid Bed & Breakfast (3 B’s, geddit ?), as long as they’ll let us have our Chinese takeaway from the wonderful Royal Chef in the room.

We promise not to make a mess.

3 thoughts on “BRID ON THE BRINK

  1. Often wanted to visit Bridlington, but it is not exactly a town that you travel through on your way somewhere. Not close to anything. Is it a proper pub destination or just one of those places you have to stop to tick?

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