3rd January 2020

The East Yorkshire ticking weekend took a familiar path.

Park up in Hull, check-in (Ibis this time), admire the city but bemoan the lack of a Tim Horton’s, catch train to Bridlington and do pubs on way back in.


A year ago I didn’t even know Bridlington had an Old Town; perhaps it didn’t and it’s part of the Hull Cultural Capital legacy.

Old Town entrance

Not only does it have one of the great small Old Towns in the UK, it has a shop selling hipster caps for eight (8) pounds.

2020, eh ?

It also has a shop selling signs to micropubs.

Hibernating in January

Because I was on a tight schedule I couldn’t afford the time to go in every pub, but rest assured that like the Board Inn they all looked compelling.

Olde Globe
Walmington-on-Sea – isn’t that Dad’s Army ?

Of course, I’ve got the one with the wordy words on the wall, which is often a danger sign.

Note stocks for pub tickers
Brid Uber

Odd one, the Pack Horse. No-one comes to Bridlington for the Old Town (do they ?) and there’s just three Old Boys at the bar on a quiet Friday afternoon when the chintzy cafes seem busier.

Rustic style

The Christmas decorations don’t help; we took ours down on Boxing Day, and I wouldn’t have had them up at all if I had any authority in our house.

Bench seating

If you lived in Harlow or Solihull this would look exceptional. Here, it’s up against the wondrous Board Inn and suffers in comparison.

Nice trad beer range, though the lack of Plum Porter is probably illegal.

New Hobgoblin clip is dreadful, isn’t it ?

Beer from Abbeydale (OK at best but only £2.70 a pint), music from Fleetwood Mac, Rainbow and Survivor, and some rustic banter that seems unintelligible a week on.

“Your life and your family will be forever loved”

Or it could be a lyric from a Journey song.


  1. Some smashing looking pubs there, Martin. We spent a night in Brid back in 2018, but stayed at the Premier Inn on the seafront.

    There wasn’t the opportunity to explore the old town, although we did take a drive through. Definitely worth re-visiting.

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    1. Yes, it’s worth revisiting. Bempton and dramatic headland close by.

      Like you, I’d only visited the resort style town centre, which is where a few Beer Guide pubs have been over the years.

      Didn’t know there was an Old Town, only 2 streets but packed with interest. The Board Inn I visited in the summer is stunning.


  2. It’s six years ago that I were last in Bridlington – like you “on a tight schedule” – and I don’t think I got beyond the railway station with its Station Buffet to rival Stalybridge.

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  3. I know Bridlington very well as my Grandmother lived there -however we never went to the Old Town (probably back in the 60’s it would have been thought of as very dull for a child who only wanted to go to the beach ) We visited recently & I was surprised to see how nice it was ! We also enjoyed the pub at the station -it may have closed now -thought I read something about it

    Liked by 1 person

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