Someday we’ll all have WiFi connectivity through little microchips implanted in our belly button at birth, but till then there’ll be the frustration of not being able to access my own blog via the Kings Park Hotel in Rutherglen, of which less later.  Parental Controls stopped me reading BRAPA last night; that’s what you get… Continue reading WESTMORLAND


A couple of contrasting pubs to finish off lovely but overpriced Surrey. First up Friday Street, of which there is more than one in the GBG. Compare and contrast the pristine pink-penned Beer Guide page with my ragged old Philip Navigator. I’m a fan of the Surrey Hills below the A25, in the heart of… Continue reading FRIDAY STREET, SUNDAY PUBBERS


  I blame Mrs RM.  I was having a nice beer-free day before my trip to Glasgow tomorrow, but she insisted I came along to our village Football Club Beer Fest, ostensibly because she’d forgotten her purse but more because you’re expected to. Waterbeach (pop. 4,000) runs one of the biggest youth football tournaments in… Continue reading WATERBEACH FOOTBALL CLUB BEER FEST