Having come all this way (twice) I thought I’d better do a second pub in Eastwood. It’s replete with micros called “Mellors Mews” (for Tory voters),”Eastwood Conservative Club” (ditto), “Oliver’s Kitchen” (for Elvis Costello fans), and the “Dog & Parrot” (for animal lovers). With all that pre-emptive material, I opted for the Spoons. If I’m… Continue reading CITRA IN EASTWOOD


I hope the return of BRAPA to the big league of pub blogging will see more famous titles like “Well Past My Selby Date”. I expect Simon has been looking to use a Terence Trent D’arby reference since 1991, when TTD released the seminal “Neither Fish Nor Flesh“, which I am staggered to see Discogs… Continue reading (BEER) TERRACE TRENT DERBY