16th October 2022.

I like to think of myself as an expert on the A1. OK, I can’t tell you what the road is made of (holes ?), but I know all the service stations and pubs from weekly trips from Huntingdon to Blyth and beyond.

We’re just about to get a new services at Balderton, the first of the turns just south of Newark. On our latest return from Waterbeach (getting Mum and Dad to a 5th Covid jab), we sadly found the services “in progress”, so gave Balderton (pop. 9,757) a go instead.

Now, no-one “gives Balderton a go“, even after I told you about those Rick’s pork scratchings that come from there.

I’ve stopped at the little Sainsbury for pate once, can’t recall a GBG entry ever, and to be honest we struggled to identify its comely charms to rest awhile among (or something).

Even the links with beer legend Ron Pattinson hasn’t persuaded pub folk to stay at Newark Lodge (Scottish kippers for breakfast).

Ron had wrote about mountains of chips from the A1 (old one) Fish Bar and Doom Bar at Chester’s, so obviously we picked a meal deal from Tesco Express and the Rose & Crown.

I saw “we”. Mrs RM insisted we go in. Perhaps it was the Cask Marque sign.

I reckon pubs in the North Notts/West Lincs lump are the least reviewed in the country, so I’m delighted to tell you the Rose & Crown is worth your visit, if only for the artisan pickled eggs.

Get some peanuts” shouted Mrs RM, after diving for the last table in the front room.

And a pint ?

“Of course

We’re the only visitors (and the only customers paying with cash), but there’s a good mix of Bald life; Chelsea fans watching their side ease past Villa, the post Sunday lunch crowd you increasingly just don’t see as everyone goes home at 3:30 on a Sunday, a few Old Boys on the Abbot.

The Abbot is good, perhaps a 3.5; the UBU not bad either. GBG standard if you care about that, and only folk in Belper do.

Mrs RM enjoys her beer and laughs at Facebook, I admire the vinyl in the darts room.

All your favourite hits of 1978 or thereabouts, including this one;

Blimey, but don’t we need Showaddywaddy now.

NB I scoured What Pub for options nearby, but totally ignored a pub in the suburb (of a suburb) in Fernwood, whatever that is. And you know what happened a week later.


      1. Last week; Thursday – Up at 04:30 (2 flights that day), Friday – bus trip to see lights arrived back at 01:30 in the morning. Sunday – up at 06:00 for whale watching, Monday – up at 03:15 to catch flight home.


  1. Don’t know about anyone else, but I didn’t need Showaddywaddy first time around – even if those R1 DJs with the thick jumpers did.


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