“The Doom Bar has replaced the Bass”

Blimey ! More pictures of beer as my blog header, what’s going wrong. Back to Rushcliffe (aka Kenneth Clarke country) for a second tick. I’m really speeding up now. East Leake is neighbours with Gotham, Zouch, Bunny, Sutton “Chris” Bonnington and the ultra-mysterious West Leake. Sadly, it was raining intermittently, despite my presence, and the… Continue reading “The Doom Bar has replaced the Bass”


Back home in Sheffield (still sounds odd), I realised I’d better start using my Sundays better if I’m going to get that Guide completed. My scientific research reveals that 188.7% of my remaining GBG ticks will be micropubs, which means they only open on Friday to Sunday evenings (unless the owner is away collecting an… Continue reading GARAGE TICKIN’, CHURCH JABBIN’


Enough of Tyneside politics, let’s see a cat in a Tyneside micropub. Actually, although the Enigma Tap calls itself a micropub, you’d probably think “craft bar”. Who cares about labels ? I failed to gauge the pub cat’s opinion on the matter, but did notice her/his/their confusion with the directional arrows. The young chap was… Continue reading NORTH SHIELDS – IN THE CAT HOUSE