Enough of Tyneside politics, let’s see a cat in a Tyneside micropub.

Actually, although the Enigma Tap calls itself a micropub, you’d probably think “craft bar”. Who cares about labels ?

I failed to gauge the pub cat’s opinion on the matter, but did notice her/his/their confusion with the directional arrows.

The young chap was just setting up the tables on the artificial turf so we settled into the classy high tables and did the NHS check-in on the App thing.

Mrs RM was transfixed by the feline housing area. I want my own wigwam NOW !

Mrs RM also loved the actual beer menu after a few days of the “We’ve a pale called Zombie, no idea what strength, and possibly another one that’s hazyetc. etc.

I loved it too, though I couldn’t quite escape the sense it looked like a boozy branch of Habitat, if such a thing exists.

The malty First & Last, my second in successive days, was magical (NBSS 3.5+) (or would have been in a straight glass, obvs). I really must take a day off retirement and put those NBSS scores on What Pub.

It’s a classy place, they even had those posh recycled “Who gives a **** ” toilet rolls Mrs RM used until she realised they’re imported.

But the classiest thing here, apart from Mrs RM, was the cat.

AdeBrewBeer will know their name.

Sadly we had to make a dash to the tram when I realised my second tick in Whitley Bay was a 20 minute walk from the station, and I couldn’t stock up on white mice. But be sure you do.


  1. Coo! Sun faded sweety boxes are just so late-20th century British. I can smell Pink Shrimps and freshly rolled tarmac just looking at that photo. All it needs is a few barely legible old Airfix Kit boxes, balsa wood gliders, and a bubbly machine outside for the full retro look.

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      1. Does beer still get that ‘outside’ taste in the summer, or was that just an 80’s thing?


      2. Mark,
        I’ve often noticed that with drinking outside the proper hop aroma is noticeable when it wouldn’t have been inside.

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      1. I have a vague recollection of a sign post for Chopwell (my last Tyne & Wear tick) from the High Spen visit but couldn’t have placed it on a map. Open 19 hours a week, fantastic.

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      2. Has to be an airport Spoons somewhere that’s got the longest. Have got a few actual pub visits to write up before the memory fades, but lack your self-discipline.

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      3. Total respect to anyone who moves house to get more ticks! This year there is no prospect of completion before the next Guide comes out anyway so it’s good to go off piste.

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