Let’s be nice about a gastropub, for a change.

The Heart of Northumberland is SO nice it would sit nicely in Islington.

It had been recommended to us by the nice barman in Wark, which was nice.

I pretended to go to the loo so I could see the hand pumps. Ooh, local beers, that’s nice.

It’s the only Hexham GBG entry, as it serves those homebrew beers the CAMRA folk like, homebrew like Timothy Taylor Landlord.

But here, the waitress knew what the beers were, and what they tasted like. That impressed me.

I was bored of the wishy-washy blondes by now (not sure if I should say that to Mrs RM) so I had the malty bitter from First & Last, which was rather nice (NBSS 3.5).

Mrs RM had two large glasses of wine which went nicely with the soundtrack of Ann Peebles and the Detroit Spinners.

I’m afraid the twice cooked chips came in one of those nice mini shopping trolleys too, but the burger tasted home-cooked. I couldn’t fault the food, the beer, or the lovely staff.

On the next table, a couple were ignoring their young lad, which wasn’t nice. But at least they let him have a pudding.

Do you want the children’s chocolate brownie or the full-sized adult one” asked the waitress. Er, full size one, duh.

I was willing to give his parents (on their 3rd Estrella of the night) the benefit of the doubt, but they DIDN’T help him finish his pudding. That’s not normal.

Mrs RM asked me to note the Oxford Mathematical Instrument sign across the road.

I sense she was just distracting me from her contribution to the bill.

£13.40 for 2 glasses of “Astronomer” wine. But she’s worth it.

17 thoughts on “NICE

  1. As the first person to comment, I can be the first one to say this blog was really nice. 😉

    The only Ann Peebles song I know is “I Can’t Stand the Rain,” but even if that was the only song she ever did, I think we can say she’s a helluva talent.

    Had a chuckle at you describing the chip basket as a mini shopping trolley. Judging from what I’ve seen on your blog, I’m going to say England is considerably more creative than we are over here when it comes to delivery devices for chips!

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    1. To be first to comment is an honour, Mark, but “Nice” ? What sort of a word is “nice” ?

      Mrs RM coined the mini shopping trolley description; she enjoyed stacking them at Twice Brewed.

      And yes, I’d say England is much more creative than the US. After all, we invented serving food on wooden slates rather than plates.

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      1. But is it a coincidence that you report “the twice cooked chips came in one of those nice mini shopping trolleys” on the day that Dominic Cummings tells us “indecisive Boris Johnson is a ‘shopping trolley smashing between aisles'”?

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      2. What sort of a word is “nice” ?

        I’ll tell you what sort of word it is – it’s the word you used in your blog title to make us think you’d taken a plane from Hexham Airport to the south of France, anticipating an appearance in next year’s GBG. Had me fooled, anyway.

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      3. SH,
        And I thought it was a variety of those little packs of three biscuits Tim has on the bars of his venues.
        Either that or the head of a flat pint thrashed through a tight sparkler.

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    1. I met Patrick Moore at least fifty years ago, and that was long before someone I know told me about growing up in the same road as him and Lord Beeching.

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  2. Awful to see a child being ignored in a pub -when ours was little we often played dominoes with him.Impressed that you just pretended to need the loo -a lady would always use it whether needed or not !

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