One thing is for certain; if we get closed down because of Lancastrians licking Cobra handpumps or whatever I’ve enough blog material to last out the summer in the bank. I always tell BRAPA to spread his material out a bit but will he ever listen ?

You left Mrs RM and I in West Newcastle, whatever that is, catching the next metro to the coast, like some updated American Pie lyric you don’t need.

We missed the next metro, confusing Google Maps by taking a short cut through Helix.

Helix is, oh let them tell you themselves;

Carelessly, they seem to have omitted to build an Edwardian beer house into that footprint so the scientists will have to pop in the Bodega for their lunchtime pints.

The furthest metro west, St James Park has had a quiet year without fans of Steve Bruce’s tikka-taco football at the wonderful football ground, and the station was virtually deserted.

But by Byker the metro was filling up, and we seemed to be the ONLY folk on board wearing masks. Was Tyneside Covid free ? Do rules not apply to Geordies ?

I had to be in North Shields before my first new GBG entry opened in half an hour. Technically that gave me time to nip to a certain classic Bass pub up the A193, but Mrs RM was having none of it.

He travels fastest who travels alone” as Springsteen sang in ’87.

Half an hour isn’t sufficient to enjoy the many charms of North Shields (not joking), from Fish Quay to old shop frontage to the lovely way that lone cars spoil your shots of pubs.

There’s seemingly a dozen new pubs with “Tap” or “Barrel” in the name but we ignored them in favour of making Mrs RM stretch her neck to admire the shop frontages.

The town was surprisingly busy, the more so because of the surge Covid testing tend blocking our passage up the main pedestrianised street.

You’ve never seen so many people crammed up against each other, queueing for a test. It looked safer in the queue for the Spoons coffee machine.

“They’re just they’re for a day out” observed Mrs RM, and she may have been right.

And then 3 days later we found out that North Tyneside was a Covid hotspot and we’d been “advised” to neither leave or enter the area. Advised by way of a post-it stuck in the Gents toilet in the closed public library in Wallsend, possibly.

Blimey. The risks we take to bring you reports from micropubs.


    1. You’re the plague capital of the world, Ade, I heard it on the news, contact with locals is verboten ;-0 !

      If I’d headed to the Tynemouth I’d have let you know but with Mrs RM in tow it was a flying visit (read “I’d drunk enough the last 5 days and needed a light day”).

      I still need those two new micros in coalmining Northumberland so no doubt I’ll be back.


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