A long overdue return to my Hot 100, and a follow-up visit to the Tynemouth Lodge Hotel prompted by a snowman;

These brilliant photos from Electric Pics (Adrian) deserve a close-up.

Photo: Electric Pics

Most of Adrian’s tweets seem intended to promote the North East and Draught Bass, which surely makes him a Bass hero in my next monthly awards.

The Lodge has always been a favourite; a classic boozer at the entrance to one of Mrs RM’s and my favourite towns and beaches.


Well, the Bass Snowman had mysteriously vanished when I arrived there on Saturday. Where’s CAMRA to save pub snowmen when you need them ?

I didn’t nick that sign

But there’s the same magical buzz as you enter,


and instantly see the red triangle.

Here’s what perfection looks like. Well, NBSS 4, anyway. Which is close enough.

No words necessary

I sank it in ten minutes standing at the bar. Which is too quick, even in Tyneside, but that’s how great Bass slips down.

As is always the case when you arrange to meet someone from the blogosphere, Adrian and I conspired to not recognise each other despite some fairly comprehensive self-deprecating descriptions.Β  No notes, so I guess we talked about the weather, town boundaries and William Morris.

Rather disturbingly, Adrian was drinking the Mordue Blonde.Β  I grant him absolution; Mordue is a proper brewery and it’s good to see it on the bar locally.


It’s a lovely place, with a touch of Sam Smiths but with better beer.Β  A quiet drinkers’ pub with plenty of space to hide.

Back bar
William Morris wallpaper

I should have stayed for several more; Mrs RM would have done if she hadn’t been shopping in Eldon Square.

In summary, four things to confirm about Proper Pubs.

  • A Proper Pub serves Draught Bass in its own glass.
  • A Proper Pub sells Carling.
  • A Proper Pub has Wiliam Morris wallpaper
  • A Proper Pub has bench seating round the walls full of pint drinkers.


And it’s pronounced Tine-Mouth, I’m now informed.










  1. “prompted by a snowman;”

    What better way to “chill” than with a pint of Bass. πŸ˜‹

    “and instantly see the red triangle.”

    If you’re talking about the sign above the fireplace, sure; but there’s two each for Guinness on either side. πŸ˜‰

    “despite some fairly comprehensive self-deprecating descriptions. ”

    I’m intrigued. 😎

    “William Morris wallpaper”

    *cough* and Guinness signs *cough* 😜


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  2. What can I say? I’m humbled by your comments again! Good to meet someone from the blogosphere who I’ve been following for a while who provides daily informative, interesting commentary on pubs all over the country, and more. It’s quite odd having your local blogged though. I did have a Bass in the Lodge a few weeks ago which was probably the first since the Bass unions were dismantled. Not as sweet as I remember and more than a hint of Pedigree.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I can see it now..after a before and after blind tasting, leading pub bloggers allege that Bass is now only Pedigree with fizzy water and crushed up Werther’s Originals. Marston’s admit they are banged to rights. A mass protest of three people is reported by the Burton Mail.

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  3. “And it’s pronounced Tine-Mouth, I’m now informed.”

    As opposed to “Tine-m’th”, presumably.

    The Devon one is “Tin-m’th”.

    Had an lovely visit to Tynemouth Castle a couple of years ago, but didn’t venture in the Tynemouth Lodge.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Faced with the choice
    What would you say?
    The path of least resistance
    It seems the only way

    But can we look a little further?
    Too little far I think
    Mordue’s the answer
    And not another Bass


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