I don’t care what anyone says, nothing is better looking* than a pint of Draught Bass.

Mind you, the views from outside the Mitre Hotel in central Manchester aren’t far behind.  Sadly the WiFi in the Mitre is, to say the least, disappointing.

Sinclairs, only missing one thing…

The Red Lion in Newborough is a short hop from the Real, Actual Home of Pedigree and Bass, so it ought to be good, though proximity to a brewery isn’t always a good thing.


It’s also close to St George’s Park, where England’s elite footballers are being trained in the arts of “drawing the foul” and “calling for a VAR” as we speak.

No future Ian Clarksons in the Red Lion, but a fairly upmarket crowd, despite the usual unpromising Staffs exterior.

Red Lion

The fireplace and Gents tells you all you need to know about the target audience.

2 pub clichés in 1
Posh newspapers in the Gents

There’s more traditional looking pubs in Hoar Cross, Tutbury and, of course, Uttoxter, but this “radically refurbished” local has all-day opening, posh bar snacks,

Salt & Pepper Squid

and sticks to the knitting beer wise.  I even sensed a nod of approval as I ordered the amber nectar, but it might have been hiccups.

Your NBSS 4 Bass

A wonderful pint, cool and with a tight head as last seen in the Petersgate Tap.

And just look at the you-know-what.



*This blog in no way supports the objectification of Bass, which should be rewarded for coolness, texture, taste and lacings.  Hope that clears up any potential misunderstandings.


    1. Yeah. Get ready for ALL Sams pubs to appear in future GBG`s – possibly the only good thing that would emerge out of the “revitalization”, (if it gets passed, of course…)

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  1. For the uninitiated, there was a classic Bass advertising campaign, probably from the 1930s, showing Bill Stickers putting up posters in all kinds of unlikely locations saying “Great Stuff This Bass!”

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    1. Thanks, I did find him as a cartoonist, but not the specific campaign. Funny stuff. I do hope to have RM the new spokesman seductively saying “I’m a Bass man” as the young server walks by. A new ticking for Bass campaign.

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    2. I don’t go back to the 1930s but I remember when Bass were getting rid of their Burton Unions local CAMRA put out some “Stuff This Great Bass” publicity.
      As for Bass in Staffordshire I now often use Stafford’s Railway Inn, surely one of the best pubs anywhere for drinking Draught Bass. Imagine my delight last week when my Bass was in a proper branded glass that had a crown government stamp rather than one of those new-fangled ‘CE’ mark, and I secured a good view of the roaring log fire. But of course with just Bass and Doom Bar the Railway has no chance of ever making the Good Beer Guide again.
      I well remember the Red Lion at Newborough in the 1970s, excellent Marstons on handpump rather than top pressure, a licensee who had previously been in the Metropolitan Police and a near certainty of a ‘lock in’ at the end of the evening. Having probably not been there for twenty years I am reminded that I should get out more.

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  2. “the views from outside the Mitre Hotel in central Manchester aren’t far behind. ”

    I’ll say! The day and night shots are both amazing.

    “in Hoar Cross”

    Nope, not going there. Will try to keep to the tone of the posh gents thingy. 😉

    “nothing is better looking*”

    And here’s me thinking “that * explanation at the bottom will probably say ‘except Mrs RM’ ” 🙂


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  3. Loved the line about the “possible approving nod” in response to the Bass order. This line caught my attention: “though proximity to a brewery isn’t always a good thing.” Would love if you could elaborate on that. Have you had bad experiences in this regard? And if so, what do you suppose is the cause of the problem?

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    1. I suppose from experience, the best Fullers isn’t in Chiswick (it’s in St Albans), the best Harvey’s is in Borough etc etc. Being the closest pub to the brewery isn’t as important as being the best landlord and having the highest turnover. Not so much a problem, I’d still recommend tours of Adnams and Havey’s pubs in their home town, but you will find a few “marginal” outlets there as well.

      The “approving nod” contrasted with the “disapproving shake of the head” when I ordered Tetley in Leeds with Richard and Si ;-()

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