“The Doom Bar has replaced the Bass”

Blimey ! More pictures of beer as my blog header, what’s going wrong.

Back to Rushcliffe (aka Kenneth Clarke country) for a second tick. I’m really speeding up now.

East Leake is neighbours with Gotham, Zouch, Bunny, Sutton “Chris” Bonnington and the ultra-mysterious West Leake.

Sadly, it was raining intermittently, despite my presence, and the best photo I can bring you is not especially representative of a large village I thought I’d seen the last of in 2018.

Or perhaps it IS representative.

Life After Football was here recently, but I don’t think that’s his scooter (his is posher).

LAF loved the Nag’s Head, even though he was confined outside and missed a cheery if modern interior with deodorant helpfully placed next to the candle.

LAF had Bass, but sadly that had gone by the time I arrived and I had to have a foamy Dancing Duck (NBSS 3+). Obviously I accepted the loyalty card; my collection of those now exceeds 3,709.

There was a good mix of custom, and particularly nice to see the gentlefolk back arguing about ribeye and Brentford FC over the sound of Stereophonics (ugh).

Then the Brentford fan ordered a Doom Bar, the way you’d order a Duchesse de Bourgogne on draft.

Wait, what ? Doom Bar ? I asked the genial young chap at the bar about the Bass and he admitted they only had one Proper Beer (it may have been “National Brand” actually) on at a time.

I had a half, which was rather good and would have been even better if he hadn’t whipped my pint glass away before I could decant the amber nectar into it.

“What’s special about Brentford’s old ground” asked the Doom Barster.

“Pub on every ground, mostly London Pride” I offered on the way out.

It’s nice to have my pub knowledge recognised, but even nicer to follow up a Doom Bar in a GBG pub with fish, chips and curry sauce from the East Leake Fish Bar for £5.49*.

LAF seemed to miss out on that deal, but then he’s an athlete.

*I see I had an excellent Chinese takeaway here in 2018 so perhaps a house move is in order.

20 thoughts on ““The Doom Bar has replaced the Bass”

  1. I actually ordered a pint of that Doom Bar yesterday.

    I didn’t finish it.

    To be fair to Sharps, it was in a pub not far from a military establishment, which, I find, is seldom a good sign, and it did seem rather tired.

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      1. No, it was a traditionally-named pub, which I won’t identify – as TSM would perhaps say in response 😉


      2. Area 51 reminds me that I briefly laboured on a building site at Stafford Park in the mid 1970s and “not far from a military establishment” reminds me that I went to the Army base nearby at Donnington several tines about twenty years ago, but neither of those helps me identify Etu’s pub selling a tired pint of Doom Bar.


      3. Dearly as I loved Guess The Pub, I don’t mean to start one here, Paul.

        I don’t think that anything that I might say could yet be reliably representative of the normality, towards which we all hope to be heading.


      4. Queens Hotel a traditional name ? Yes.
        I was thinking more the Three Horseshoes but that’s Brains not Doom Bar.


      5. Barry Malone was a great bloke, an active CAMRA member in Shropshire and kept the Royal Oak at Ellerdine Heath for many years. I attended his funeral 12½ years ago.

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      6. Thanks, Paul. I remember the Royal Oak.

        Incidentally, I met a chap of similar youth and style to you in a micropub in Eastwood yesterday, where we had a fascinating conversation about Mansfield Brewery. I didn’t understand a word of it, but that was no fault of his.


      7. I remember Mansfield as unusual in donating to the Labour rather than Conservative Party, but it was a mining area, and all their beer being bright.
        They took over the Hull Brewery in 1985 and were taken over by Banks’s in 1999.


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