“The Doom Bar has replaced the Bass”

Blimey ! More pictures of beer as my blog header, what’s going wrong. Back to Rushcliffe (aka Kenneth Clarke country) for a second tick. I’m really speeding up now. East Leake is neighbours with Gotham, Zouch, Bunny, Sutton “Chris” Bonnington and the ultra-mysterious West Leake. Sadly, it was raining intermittently, despite my presence, and the… Continue reading “The Doom Bar has replaced the Bass”


  A nice picture of flowers for my Mum, if she reads this (she doesn’t).  Cheaper than actually buying them from Tesco, even two days after Mothers Day. There were loads of mothers, probably grandmothers, at my penultimate East Yorkshire tick in the backwaters of Holderness.  The “Wapentake and Liberty of Holderness” if you’re living… Continue reading PICTURES OF LELLEY


For those of you wondering when you’ll get the chance to read what really happened to BRAPA in the Fens, I’ll be there by tomorrow. First, a foray into northern Derbyshire, one of our most reliably pubby areas. By sheer good luck, my guest house was ideally placed for the new newbies in and around… Continue reading CHESTERFIELD – CROOKED SPIRE, HONEST PUBS


  Just to prove to you I do occasionally encounter good beer as well as politically incorrect toilet art on my travels, here’s a break from writing about drain pours. Actually, it took a couple of days at home to recover from the deep trauma of finding my last Gloucestershire tick inexplicably closed for Summer,… Continue reading THE SURPRISING BISHOP’S STORTFORD