A nice picture of flowers for my Mum, if she reads this (she doesn’t).  Cheaper than actually buying them from Tesco, even two days after Mothers Day.

There were loads of mothers, probably grandmothers, at my penultimate East Yorkshire tick in the backwaters of Holderness.  The “Wapentake and Liberty of Holderness” if you’re living in 1823, as some of Britain is at the moment.

One of Si’s favourite pubs down the road at Preston

Lelley  (pop:119) is so exciting it warrants its own Wiki page, which tells us the village has two benches and a phone box, which I guess is what keeps it above hamlet status.

I only saw the phone box.

Arguments over the colour scheme continue

One curving street, no church, no shop, just birdsong and a pub on the main road. And a lot of flowers.

No idea

The view from the pub front door is one that would be appreciated by people who like Chatteris or March.

Agricultural nothingness

But while the frontage is quite traditional,

Decent sign

everyone is coming in the back door, which with a howling dog on the roof makes the Stags Head look like an estate pub in New Harlow.

Unprepossessing entrance No. 237

BRAPA had a weird experience here last year when the karaoke kicked off.

This is the least karaoke GBG pub I’ve ever been in (since Maidenhead Cons Club, anyway).

Is Denim Jacket Man the mystery karaoke fan

One of those places where everyone at the bar has complex drinks orders they’ve forgotten, but the bar staff are coping admirably and couldn’t be cheerier.

Hello ladies !”

And it was nearly all ladies too, probably an WRVS weekly outing, just like the scary Ryarsh place I went to twice by accident.

3 tonic waters, 2 G & Ts, Oh, and 1 pint of Guinness

My fourth Great Newsome encounter of the trip, which just shows how successful some microbrewers are getting on the bar of local pubs.

Far too many beers, as someone once said

Thanks” I say.

That’s awreet !”  She said.

I looked for a seat away from the diners to nurse my supremely NBSS 3+ half of Sleck Dust.


The seat behind those sofas was low too, and a bit close to the WRVS table.  But they were so cheery and chatty I didn’t mind, and only one of them had a pashmina.

At the bar, an order for two jugs of water, one without ice (“No ? Yes !“) was placed. Just remember, these lovely folk are keeping pubs alive in 2019, not the CAMRA members headed to Dundee to drink in “Members Bars” and visit Brewery Taps.


Anyway, enough of the gentlefolk.  Here’s the lacings;


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