retiredmartin mucks up in Ryarsh



Always own up to your mistakes” said someone, once.  Someone you’ve never heard of since.  But in the spirit of GBG Completist solidarity, I’m admitting to my own so others don’t make the same mistake.

Study the extract from the master spreadsheet closely;


Not obvious ?  Well, when I started pinking in the new Beer Guide, I missed out the Duke of Wellington in Ryarsh.

Nice OS extract

Paul Bailey has reported entertainingly from this area north of Maidstone recently (here), one of few pub blogs based around a trip to ASDA (oh, there’s this one).

The area below the M20 is a hive of activity; even Mrs RM did a spell near the British Legion once, but north here are your archetypal honeypot villages.

There’s a flicker of recognition as we approach the Duke.


Looks familiar

Confirmation comes quickly at the door;


Oh look, it’s been in the Beer Guide loads of times !”

How do these things happen ?  I guess it helps if you know that “Rusthall” comes before “Ryarsh” in an alphabetically ordered list.

Still, we need the loo, so in we go.

It’s worth the revisit, even if the smell of potatoes (or perhaps wet dog) is striking.



I wasn’t around in 1516 so I can’t confirm whether the Duke is as old as claimed, but it’s very Olde English. And a bit chintzy.


The two fires are quite something.

Fire 1
Fire 2

I have mixed feeling about the Santa hat on the Harveys, but luckily it doesn’t affect the beer quality, a solid NBSS 3.5.

Happy Harvey’s

What can I say ?  It’s a loo stop, it serves good beer, and it’s gorgeous.

Ah yes, I nearly forgot.  I was the only male. The staff, and all the customers were female.  The dog was called Lassie. Katherine Jenkins was the musical accompaniment.  I raise this only as an observation, he adds hurriedly.

Anyway, next year I’m sending my spreadsheet to a specialist GBG auditor before I start the ticking year.




14 thoughts on “retiredmartin mucks up in Ryarsh

  1. The Duke of Wellington is well worth a re-visit Martin, as is the village of Ryarsh. Nestling at the feet of the North Downs, and just far enough away from the cement works and paper mills of the Medway Valley, it is something of a hidden gem.

    Glad you found my ASDA-based post entertaining; Mudgie obviously didn’t as he’s dropped my site off his blog list!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “Mudgie obviously didn’t as he’s dropped my site off his blog list!”

      He must have changed his mind cause you’re #3 when I looked just now. 🙂


      1. Quite familiar with Westerham, Martin. A nice little town, with two famous former residents. Given this, it’s a shame that the General Wolfe is now closed. The George & Dragon is probably your best bet, although it is somewhat upmarket. The Grasshopper varies, but I can’t really comment on the King’s Arms, as I haven’t been in there since the late 1980’s!

        Westerham Brewery, now have an on-site taproom, since moving back to the town. I haven’t been there yet, and I see it isn’t listed on WhatPub. Must check that out with my local branch.

        Liked by 1 person

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