Off to Gatwick for an 11 hour flight to LA shortly. Who knows what the Gatwick South terminal Spoons will offer.

I’d wish you a happy Christmas but you’d know I didn’t mean it.

Make sure you get to a pub on Christmas Day, perhaps the Bull Baiters in Worcester (open 12-3) and rejoice that a micro pub is open lunchtime. On a Monday.

Despite the “Bah Humbug” touches it’s a bright cheery little place.

A strong range of local brews served, intriguingly, in third, two-thirds or pint measures.

So my request for a half gets a “Double Stick” in an oversized half pint glass. Odd.

I complimented the owner that he’s open during January, apart perhaps from the day Simon visits.

I’ll do a fuller review later, but any place with Watneys memorabilia is OK with me.

Roll out the Barrel.

14 thoughts on “MERRY MICRO

  1. I can’t wait to see the RM biopic. An English version of Sideways is what I’m expecting with your mate Charles. Mudgie tucked up in the corner of the perfect proper pub. Good luck with the filming. Who’s playing Mr & Mrs RM? A cameo from a Hollywood great on a mobility scooter?

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    1. “BRAPA – The Movie” would probably be much more entertaining 😀

      My biopic would be like an extended version of Unlucky Alf from the Fast Show 😉

      “This looks like a nice pub, let’s go in and take a look. Urgh, it’s full of posing tables. And they’ve put ham in the Ploughman’s!”

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  2. ” Make sure you get to a pub on Christmas Day ” is like a dagger to my heart.
    For here in 1960s Ireland with its antiquated abortion laws and god-fearing religious fundamentalists all pubs stay resolutely shut on Christmas Day.
    Up until this year the same applied to Good Friday although this may finally be changing as the country wakes up to the fact that tourists and non-religious people think it a bit daft.
    ” Sure,can you not do without drink for one day ” say the holier-than-thous as they head home from Mass to give a bottle of Jameson a thorough going-over.
    Those two hours on Christmas Day were my favourite session in the whole year.
    And back home for the grub and a bit of a chat from Her Madge.
    I’m bereft,I tell you.Bereft.

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