Yes, we got to Gatwick South Terminal 3 hours early like we were supposed to, after the inevitable argument about parking.

So I’ve got 2 hours in the airside Spoons (Flying Horse), contemplating the merits of a pre-flight beer from this collection.

Actually not bad at all, and the Spoons itself is an airy delight with power points and edible black pudding.

Last night we stayed at Manor Royal, a new build Premier Inn in Crawley’s teutonian looking industrial park. Stella or Boddies, no What Pub entry.

So I persuaded Mrs RM to walk along an unlit highway to the NEXT Premier Inn, where I’m assured of a beer range including Surrey Hills Ranmore. Worth walking at least half a mile for (and Crawley’s lone GBG entry is a soulless 40 minute trudge).

Mrs RM nearly slipped on the mud in the dark, but I caught her.

Gatwick Manor is your authentic Olde Worlde Surrey/ Sussex hotel, with conference rooms and hotel airport out the back.

Very attractive from the front, though it took us 5 minutes to find an entrance.

Not bad inside by Chef & Brewer standards, a few beams visible amongst the ads and tat.

It was heaving, of course. A mixture of travellers, local Crawley Christmas parties and the odd Airport worker in high vis jacket.

Quite pubby away from the restaurant, and Mrs RM chose a good table to observe proceedings.

“Why do they all stand at the bar blocking the view when only one of them is ordering” she asked.

The eternal question.

The highlight was when the lady sitting next to me broke the zip on her coat and had to extricate herself with the strap from her torch. Nice Christmas image for you there.

No Surrey Hills, but the Rocking Rudolph always delights.

Actually, it really did. And the Abbot. Both NBSS 3.5, which puts them in the upper quartile of my beers this year.

And the staff were bright and cheery too. It could have been South East London. 

I suspect it’s all downhill from here on in.

9 thoughts on “CREEPY CRAWLEY

  1. Looks like quite a nice place, though I’m wondering if I should imagine an accompanying audio track of huge airplanes passing low overhead. 😉
    I’d been wondering what you think of Abbot. Occasionally available over here, but only in cans, so I doubt it’s anywhere near its best. But I gather Abbot’s reputation over there isn’t very good– on the level of Doom Bar?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Often a very reliable pint in ‘Spoons, and invariably available rather than “Available Soon”.
      Said to be Tim’s favourite tipple.
      However, a bit too sweet and syrup-like for my palate.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Mark, I like Abbot when we travel in England. It is sweet, but if you like a sweet beer that is no offense. I do like a sweet beer. You will find it much better than what we receive in the can over here.

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