That’s ironic, by the way.  I hate all celebrations equally.  Every day you wake up alive is a gift.  Unless you wake up in Maidenhead, as I did once.

I’ll probably be in a queue for the Star Wars ride at Universal Studios (not by my choice, oh no) on Christmas Day, so this is a post I prepared earlier. No-one will read it anyway.

On the basis nothing will happen in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, here’s some random highlights from the year. It’s random in the sense I just went to the last post of each month and picked a photo at random.  Now That’s What I Call Recycling.

If you’re that way inclined you can make it into an unofficial retiredmartin calendar.

Jan-June today, the rest tomorrow.

January – PJ Harvey toilet art

Not the last from PJ, either


February – Rotherham Revival – the stunning Cutlers Arms

Not the last great Rotherham pub, either


March – Spring in Hornsea, East Yorkshire

Not the last bucolic Britain, either


April – Mr Protz introduces the Lacons Audit Ale at the Red Lion in Histon

Not the last encounter with Roger, either


May – Worthing fashion parade amongst the micros with Mr John

Not the last dodgy fashion, either


June – the joys of “Table, Table” at 10pm on a night out in Newark

And not the last chain pub fun, either


The rest tomorrow, or create your own “moments”.

If you can, get down the pub today and enjoy a pint of Doom Bar.


13 thoughts on “HAPPY CHRISTMAS

  1. The words “enjoy” and “pint of Doom Bar” do not belong together.!

    Apart from that enjoy the “Holidays” as they say over there, and I’m sure there will be plenty of craft beer to keep Mrs RM happy.


  2. Would love to go down to the pub for a Doom Bar. You and I have the same chance of doing that today.

    Which is least desirable, standing in line for the Star Wars ride or home celebrating Christmas?

    Merry Christmas to all.

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  3. “If you can, get down the pub today and enjoy a pint of Doom Bar.”

    Sadly, just enough snow last night (which has now frozen solid) to keep me home. But I have a luverly bottle of Delirium Noel (10%) that came with its own special glass that I’m enjoying whilst also enjoying listening to my better half try to do a 14 screen video conference on her phone with various family members and not realising it is probably costing her 50 cents per minute as she had to dial in to a US # to enable audio. 😉

    Merry Christmas 🎄

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