First post of the Great Again U S of A, and those old micro pub problems again.

We arrived at our boutique hotel in Hollywood last night, a mere 3hrs 45 and four arguments after touchdown in LAX.

Rather like in “Shawshank Redemption”, the letters TT are carved in our ceiling. Yes, it’s the same room as Timothy Taylor !

Speaking of Tims, Tim Thomas has been a tremendous help with our trip so far, but even he can’t account for Christmas Eve closing tragedies, so we ended up with stale bagels, American “cheese”, and this beer chosen by Mrs RM and excellent decanted into paper cups by me.

“Never go to bed with an Arrogant Bastard” is Mrs RM’s Christmas tip, as we woke up with the sort of hangover normally associated with a John Clarke IPA tasting session.

Anyway, today the boys are here,

and after an hour and a half on the new Expo metro, we’re here,

Pint and Pubs suggested the keg Bass at the Olde Kinges Heade, but of course that’s closed, being a micro and all.

Do Wendy’s do Brew Dog yet ?


  1. Arrogant Bastard – yup, can be deadly. 🙂

    As for everything being closed on Christmas Day, welcome to North America!

    Two Christmas’s ago we drove 1,400km to be with our lads in Edmonton for Christmas. Christmas Day found us pulling into Jasper, Alberta (a big ski resort by the way) around dinner time to spend the night before the final push. As with you there was not a bloody thing open, not even the fast food places. Skiers coming back from the slopes for the day were wandering town just like us looking for some place to eat. We wound up getting gas station food (!), some crisps and cellophane wrapped sandwiches to have for our Christmas dinner back in our hotel room. 😉


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  2. Welcome to the USA, Martin: Thanks to your arrival, this country just became a little more interesting. I like that you put quotation marks around the word “cheese”; I fear you will need those for a good many other food items over here.

    Looking forward to reading about your further adventures– hope it’s a delightful vacation from start to finish!

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    1. Ha ! I’m finding US supermarkets a bit disappointing in cost (even allowing for 20% deflation of £ v $) and quality, but the middle eastern salads in Santa Monica today were excellent, and it’s good to explore a bit of LA.

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