More irony, I’m afraid, though if I do find Draught Bass in Hollywood you’ll be the first to know.

Don’t phone up, this is a a pre-prepared post.

A few random* highlights from the second half of 2017.

July – Everyday Sexism and IPA in Burwell.  What a metaphor for the year.

Not the last IPA, either


August – A typical middle class micro pub in St Annes

Not the last stereotypical micro pub of the year, either


September – great outdoor pub seating outside the Spoons in Alum Rock

Not the last great suburban Spoons, either


October – Stared at by ramblers in Woughton-on-the-Green in old Milton Keynes.

Not the last time I’d be stared at, either


November – Mammoth Penguins at the Lexington, a musical highlight

Not my last trip to That London, either


December – a classic Victorian in Cromer

Probably my last trip to Cromer, ever


So there you do, great reasons to go down the pub NOW and drink Greene King IPA.


*Random = look at the last post of the month and pick a photo at random.

11 thoughts on “BOXING DAY BONANZA

  1. From the Pipers website.

    ” We make award-winning crisps that are delivered by our vans and through our distribution partners throughout the UK as well as exporting to Europe and the USA.”

    I would have thought the problem with selling them in America is the flavour range – exotic stuff like Karnataka Black Pepper and Sea Salt and Kirkby Malham Chorizo is no good to a population whose favourite flavour in all things food appears to be One Ton Of US Lard.

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      1. I can hear it now “more of that velveeta Mrs RM. Bud me too.” Watch what you say to those guys! No humor these days.


    1. Can you kindly not criticize our friends over here or they might not let me leave or something. Was bad enough at immigration when I had an argument about Mohammed Salah while have my fingerprints taken.


  2. “great outdoor pub seating outside the Spoons in Alum Rock”

    Remember that one from the couches. Found it on Google maps and Martin confirmed they were next door to a pub across from Weatherspoons. ☺️


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