More ramblings from the West Coast onto a mobile phone, as my son hogs the only laptop.

The boys enjoyed Universal Studios without us standing behind them complaining about queues. 

Boys learn to queue

Interesting to see the only other folk getting there by public transport were the Japanese, who share our fear of hire cars and taxis. Good for them. They get to see a bit of metro art, though frankly the lines are a bit functional in the main.

Universal metro
History lesson, apparently

We enjoyed a Christmas day at Santa Monica beach that could have been an August Sunday in Barmouth.

Santa Monica Pier

Seems the tradtion is for local Asian familes to come out en masse on holidays, outnumbering even the power runners and cyclists along the promenade.

A few old guys sing “Wonderful World”‘and a calypso “Over the Rainbow” at the end of Route 66, but you wouldn’t know it was Christmas.

Christmas Day

Mrs RM fancied Bubba Gump Shrimp for late lunch, but places that don’t have prices on their outside menu should only.be entered in Belize.

So we settled for the Hummus Bar on 3rd Street, which felt a bit like walking through the new Liverpool One shopping area, though without pubs selling Bass for £3 on hand to provide relief.

Nice setting by the cinema and Christmas dinosaurs.

Art Deco LA

The Israeli salad, schwarma and hummus was superb, even better than our midmorning snack of rubbery cheese.

Rare healthy lunch in America

That was $25, not bad for LA. The beer was almost a bargain.

$6 for a 7% Firestone IPA that Mrs RM said “tasted like a stronger Punk IPA” . She was right, of course.

Rubbish branding, great Christmas beer

On the table next to us, three fitness weirdos argued about the carbs in the hummus they’d just ordered. As the waiter reached the table, they asked if it could be taken back and replaced with a salad.

The mutterings under Mrs RM’s breath were the best Christmas present I could have wished for.

Fussy eaters

For an express Hummus stop (about the size of a Subway), the bottled beer was pretty good, but the surprise was the range of taps.

Maybe thus trip isn’t a complete write-off.

23 thoughts on “A UNION JACK AND HUMMUS

    1. I am very trying, I’m told. Incidentally, the RVs and cars dotting the car parks at the coast really detract from the views. Can’t say Schwarzenegger didn’t make an effort to get folk out if cars though.


  1. You see – he’s going native already.
    Talking obsessively about grub with beer as just an after-thought.
    The dark side – a world of griddles and deep-fat fryers – beckons.
    Watch out for him addressing us as guys – it’ll all be over by then.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. “and a calypso “Over the Rainbow” at the end of Route 66, ”

    Pfft. Route 66 doesn’t hold a candle to the A514. 🙂


    “but places that don’t have prices on their outside menu should only.be entered in Belize.”

    You’re in the US; just walk in, check the prices, and walk out (saying something like ‘too much carbs’ is a bonus in Cali). 🙂

    “Maybe thus trip isn’t a complete write-off.”

    Fat Tire and Lagunitas yes; Blue Moon, no (bloody owned by Miller/Coors – but then Lagunitas is now owned by Heineken).


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  3. Loved this update, especially the line about “The mutterings under Mrs RM’s breath.” For me, I see Blue Moon and Fat Tire on tap so often I almost view them as nothing special. Are they available in the UK? And if you’ve had them, what’s your opinion on the taste?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Speaking as someone on the west coast (Canadian version) I was a fan of both Fat Tire and Lagunitas (not Blue Moon) but I too have tired of them and prefer more local brews.


      Liked by 2 people

      1. The murkier the better, the more murkier it gets the more west you get, or is it east? Either way, there’s more hops in a half of that than Sam Smith’s put in a years worth of OBB, or Everards, or Marstons, or Bass (they did put hops in once upon a time, and dry hopped too I believe, but not anymore (only hop oils in those massive midlands beer factories!).


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