In no particular order, ten of my favourite pub photos from ten of my favourite blogs of the year.  Less effort went into this than you can possibly imagine.

The top image is Simon approaching the Fat Cat by Richard Coldwell of BeerLeeds

A classic image of a man who knows how to wear a scarf.


Falmouth Craft – Alan Winfield

This post caused more fuss than the repeal of the corn laws.  The shot captures the magnificence of the murk scene perfectly.


Pub games, Bull’s Head, Dorchester (astonishingly) by Duncan McKay, Pubmeister



BRAPA babe – Simon BRAPA Everitt – how does he get away with it ?


Ullage Magazine NOT on fire in Portland – Tim Thomas Beer North America blog

This is how you do it Tim;



How to do a Pub Crawl in Runcorn (keg pubs and all) by Lady Sinks the Booze.  A sterling effort.


A pint of Bass by Ian Clarkson, king of the “Bass in backstreet Midlands pub” genre

Gate Inn 28.11.17 (9)


The obligatory pint and scratching photo from aerial shot experts Boak and Bailey


A Proper yorkshire Pub (and proper head) in Guiseley by @quosh


A Micropub on John Bonham’s grave – Erlanger Nick

OK not “technically” a pub but with longer opening hours than most micros


The best Cheese Rolls in Leicester – Pub Curmudgeon

From a wonderful pub crawl in October which provided a wealth of great photos.


And finally from me, and probably for Mudgie, smoking in a Lubeck bar.  I make no comment, but those north German smoky bars were wonderful.



22 thoughts on “TOP PUB PHOTOS OF 2017

    1. Not to get too Brexity but if you think some of the coverage in the UK is crap you want to see the guff being written in the Irish media who have adopted the role of Irish government shill
      This nonsense is from today’s edition of the so-called paper of note the Irish Times – think of The Guardian but even more right-on
      Bizarrely, given the amount of times they have been shafted by the EU and made to re-run a referendum so it produced the right pro-EU result,the Irish seem in awe of their EU paymasters.
      Anyway,as you were – back to awaiting more food-related blogs from RM !

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    2. I take it Mudge, that you will be making full use of your new, all-blue British Passport, along with all the other “fantastic” benefits which Brexit will bestow upon us?


  1. I have proposed Morrisons Guiseley as a prospective entry in GBG 2019. I think this will please most ‘tickers’. Unlike many acclaimed drinking establishments with random opening hours, frequently closed all day until tea time, often closed for days at a time with 8, 10 or even 12 cask ales sitting in the cask (don’t accept the hard spile argument, the air (oxygen & bacteria and possibly air borne wild yeasts) is in the cask as soon as it is broached) Morrisons opens from 0600 until 2300hrs! If everywhere was like this GBG completion would be a doddle. And they only have one beer on which will please the ‘you can’t keep 12 cask beers properly’ nay sayers who obviously live in places (like Leicester) where there are few daytime drinkers who are incapable of creating anything like a conducive pubby atmosphere. If people don’t agree with me then go to Sheffield, or come to Leeds, I say! Merry Christmas.

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  2. A delightful stroll down memory lane; that one of Simon heading toward the Fat Cat really is a beauty. Every time I see that “angry babe” photo I imagine there’s another photo we’ve never seen, taken a fews seconds later, of her coming over to clobber him.

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    1. It took me 2-3 mins of zooming in and ‘lightening’ the picture until I realised the full wrath of angry babe. Glad I didn’t make eye contact in that initial 2-3 mins or I may have had a stiletto in my eye. Here’s praying Whitefield never gets another GBG entry ever!

      Great pics Martin, always been in awe of your smoking Euro woman one.

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    2. “Every time I see that “angry babe” photo I imagine there’s another photo we’ve never seen, taken a fews seconds later, of her coming over to clobber him.”

      Yep! 🙂

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