Pint and Pubs, the definitive voice on Cambridge drinking, stuck his head above the parapet and did a Cambridge Top 10 the other week.

Surprisingly uncontroversial, though perhaps the omission of The Ship would have been rectified if Mr Pubs had bothered to visit it earlier.

Shamefully, there was one pub on the list I’d never been to, and as the Calverley’s Brewery Tap is now an authentic “recommended pub” I visited on Friday, on the pretence of shopping for sourdough in Asda (they don’t have any).


As you can see from WhatPub, there’s a lot of distractions between the station and Asda. One of them has some of the world’s best Bass memorabilia.

Calverley 2.PNG

I’ve neglected the Calverley in its short existence because

a) It’s not a pub,

b) It never seemed to be open (but what is these days).

And c) I wasn’t quite sure where it was.


But I could smell it, or rather the Spanish sandwich van, on the way back from Asda through the tiny but expensive terraced houses near the train line.

I love a gimmick. Being able to eat unpronounceable (but delicious) food from a van in a brewery tap was invented in London in the 1400’s of course, but is still a novelty in Cambridge.


The usual format of trestle tables makes for social drinking, and it’s a jolly atmosphere, though my copious notes include very few great bantz, Plenty of tasters though, if that’s you’re thing.


The beer (and the food) was the star, their Porter a rich and smooth gem of a pint.  And you’ll know my thoughts on microbreweries.

IMG_20170907_200238.jpg There was even plenty of Evil Keg Filth for Mrs RM at half the price of a well known craft emporium in the centre of town.


Well done Pints and Pubs, another winner you beat me to.

Nice folk too, but then, as we know, Beer folk are Good folk. You only need see the comment’s on Alan’s blog to realise that.



  1. “The usual format of trestle tables makes for social drinking”

    Fully agree. Those photos of the trestle tables and the vats up above remind of a micro brewery near to me (51 km or 32 miles). Gladstone brewery:


    No fancy Spanish sandwich van nearby but they have partnered with the local pizza place right next door (you can order pizza from next door or beer from them or vice versa). And, cunning devils that they are, they have opened a taphouse (i.e. proper foody place with their beer) not far away. Cornerstone Cafe and Taphouse:


    I’m down there for work on Friday so I shall make a point to drop in at the “beer only” place and have a pint… or two. 🙂


    PS – Yes L.A.F. (Life After Football) I haven’t forgotten to take some photos in Powell River when I’m there the day before.


  2. Good to read your thoughts on Calverley’s, it’s gratifying to know a recommendation was worthwhile – likewise, I’ve booked a week in Maidenhead to explore some of the pubs you seem so fond of.

    As for sticking my head above the parapet – the local rag have asked for my top 10 village pubs, and one Grantchester pub and its customers are bound to have something to say about its non-inclusion.

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      1. ““A week in Maidenhead” would make a good blog, probably posthumously published.”

        ‘A week in Maidenhead’ to me sounds like to me like a honeymoon with your new (virgin) bride. 😉

        And congrats L.A.F. on the local rag top 10 request. 👍



  3. My local corner shop branch of ASDA sells quite a few different sourdoughs, so I am quite surprised that you failed in your quest. One I tried there was of a surprisingly high standard, very impressive for supermarket mass produced fayre. In addition to the obvious products from the bakery, they sell a sourdough garlic baguette, which I think is somewhere in the chilled department when not in the reduced bay.

    Street food is something which should be a bargain tasty snack, however sadly seems to be becoming more and more overpriced as a sort of tourist trap with quality declining.

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