For those of you wondering when you’ll get the chance to read what really happened to BRAPA in the Fens, I’ll be there by tomorrow.

First, a foray into northern Derbyshire, one of our most reliably pubby areas.


By sheer good luck, my guest house was ideally placed for the new newbies in and around Chesterfield, a town recently done to death by BeerMat.

Flags Lodge, where I was greeted by an owner in a pyjamas, is an Ian Clarkson cultured hoof from the site of Saltergate stadium. That’s rather further than the Spirerites new ground that has been their home, Darlington like, as they plummet down the leagues.

I left pyjama man to his evening and headed west. You’re certainly getting into the dark skies by the time you reach the Nag’s Head, pleasingly given a Newbold heading in the Guide even though Whittington Moor is shown under the town heading (this year).

Pleasing circular sign

One glance to the left tells you this is Proper Pub territory, where folk lovingly admire the head on their Carling.

How many IBUs ?

Rather like the Devonshire Arms in Burton, this is an honest village boozer rather than a “CAMRA pub“, the only difference being you can’t take your pint of Pentrich Stout into a curry house next door like you can in Brewtown.

At the bar I was called “M’duck” and “M’lovely“, a sure sign you’ve reached The North.

Something for everyone. Even folk who don’t like Doom Bar.

A pub to come with your mates, rather than sitting quietly in the corner with a book, perhaps.

Doom Bar a reliable glass for breweries without branded glassware

“Black magic woman” and “Hallelujah” typified the musical choice. Classy.

Getting boring now, but great cool, rich beer; January is a cracker of a month.


So where’s the spire, you ask ?

Well, here’s one BeerMat took earlier. Since I promoted his post at the top I’m entitled to nick it. Shame he was wobbling when he took it and made the spire look wonky.

Great photo, BeerMat


  1. Why stay in a Chesterfield guest house when Tim’s Portland Hotel offers accommodation ?

    How many IBUs ? Not sure but they can probably be counted on the fingers of one hand.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “Something for everyone. Even folk who don’t like Doom Bar.”

    The jam jars certainly help there. πŸ˜‰

    And look at the lacings on the John Smith’s glass at the far end!


    At least it’s the right bloody Bud.

    “Shame he was wobbling when he took it and made the spire look wonky.”

    Agreed. He’s much better at making the whole building look wobbly. πŸ™‚



  3. Great post and more than happy for you to borrow any pictures as you are increasing my readership to potentially double figures πŸ‘ that looks like a cracking pub and great to see it’s ilk still getting recognition 🍻🍻 did I mention one of my many (2) career goals came at saltergate? I don’t like to talk about it much πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would have taken my own photo but you’d managed to make it look crooked which fitted my narrative. And it was raining in the morning.
      I’ll be on Pathe News searching for the video of that goal later. πŸ‘


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