A nice picture of That Sheffield for our Rich, who can no doubt interpret for us.

A second new Guide pub awaited at the Neptune Ale House, just behind my hotel back on Saltergate.


Another pub tucked away in the suburbs, with children leaving en-masse at the 9pm witching hour.


It’s the sort of backstreet pub you dream of, but only find in the Guide if they have an unwise number of beers on.



Looks more beery cheery than it is
Strong and stable jam jars

Actually, not too bad, with Belgian beers you’ve actually heard of but rarely see on draught, and a dirt cheap Barnsley Bitter.

Westmalle next time

Now, don’t get too excited, but I didn’t see many pashminas, just normal people having lots of drink and enjoying Ed Sheeran (only possible after 4 pints).

OK, OK, one of them had a Shoreditch cap and a trophy dog.

In fact, there were loads of dogs. I suppose they’re cheaper than children, in the long run.

A cracking atmosphere, with proper seating, a darts room and more cask drunk than in the whole of the Kingdom of Fife that night. Possibly.

Penny Lane

If I’m honest, which I am 98% of the time, the Barnsley was a little thin, but it was still a decent pint.

Decent effort on the lacings

So that was that. Time to sneak back into the hotel without waking Pyjama Man up.

Ah, but what’s this across the road, hiding its loveliness away from the GBG glare these days.

A Beer Guide cert anywhere north of the M62

Take a look at the beer board. Draught Bass, Hartington and Plump Porter (not a typo).

Resist ! Resist !

Somehow, I resisted. I’d had enough. And I had BRAPA to contend with the next morning.

Just Sods Law I choose to be sensible facing the best selection of beers so far this year.


  1. Now that’s self-control! I thought for sure you’d be lured in by Bass’s siren song.

    “and enjoying Ed Sheeran (only possible after 4 pints)” –I think I might need a 5th pint to reach that stage. 😉

    I hadn’t noticed until you mentioned it, but Belgian beers on the bar seems a pretty rare thing in most of these pubs you get to. I’ve had Leffe and Westmalle, but only in bottle form, sadly. I’m quite fond of Gulden Draak, I must say.

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  2. “Westmalle next time”

    Wouldn’t have expected that there!

    “and enjoying Ed Sheeran (only possible after 4 pints).”

    I revel in my ignorance of who that is. 😉


    And unpretentious as hell.

    “Somehow, I resisted.”

    (puts hand to Martin’s forehead)

    “Just Sods Law I choose to be sensible facing the best selection of beers so far this year.”

    You know what they say; on your deathbed you’ll be regretting those times you decided to be sensible. 😉


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  3. I can’t see Hartington IPA on the beer board but there’s Whim’s Hartington Bitter which I much prefer and have drunk many times in the Wilkes Head, Leek’s best pub.


  4. Ed Sheeran enjoyable after 4pints -seems about right -brother in law has invested considerable amount of quids (‘Ow much ? ) going to see him in Leeds -I suspect about 8 pints will be necessary to make that little jaunt nearable -a gig in a park,so no seating -not for this old girl,although the Pashmina would be useful as a rug !
    Love the image of pyjama man -makes me think of Rigsby

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