Makes Worksop sound exotic, doesn’t it ?  And if you live in South Anston, it probably is. Sadly, the gorgeous tiling often adorns closed or keg pubs, making Worksop the Rotherham or Woolwich orPoole of the Midlands, My route to Sheffield to see my lad often flies past the edge of Worksop, though I reckon… Continue reading WORKSOP – LIQUORICE, LACINGS & FRENCH HORN


  In “Notes From A Small Island” Bill Bryson (an American without Dick and Dave’s taste in pubs) stops in Retford, noting its success in losing out to Worksop as HQ for Bassetlaw Council. Four years later, the TASTE* team went on a pub crawl of Winfieldesque proportions, painting Retford as Gomorrah to Doncaster’s Sodom.… Continue reading RETFORD -A (BASSET)LAW UNTO ITSELF