Having invested £4.40 (which would buy you a third in Stevenson Square yesterday) in the Sheffield Tram Day Rider,

I was determined to get full value out of it. If I walked into Rotherham central via the Trans Pennine Trail (apparently) I could enjoy the delights of South Yorkshire’s premier town before catching the tram back.

I was nearly side-tracked on the way.

And the sight of discarded cans of Poland’s top craft tipple almost diverted me to the nearest NISA.

But I stuck to the path along the River Rother, which has surprisingly good views as long as you don’t look left.

Where to go next; let’s take soundings from the Holy Order of GBG Tickers WhatsApp Group.

Simon had noticed the Riverside on a Tigers trip to the nearby New York Stadium, mistaking it for the craft bars that now litter line the streets of the city.

Well, why not ? The quality of Greene King IPA has been a minor revelation since re-opening and it’s towns like Rotherham that actually put Hungry Horses in the Guide for “effort” (See also : Spalding, Colne).

Sadly, having checked-in, washed my hands and been “greeted”, I find all the handpumps turned round, not for the the first time since re-opening. So, in the grand tradition of CAMRA, I did a polite “No cask, walk out“.

In the Riverside’s defence, the nice lady said “I have” rather than “We have“, always a big plus for me.

Never mind, you can probably guess what’s coming next.

6 thoughts on “NO CASK, WALK OUT

  1. Well done for walking out. According to WhatPub it’s been open for almost three years and you’re the first beer drinker that’s ever gone in.

    That’s another one I’ve had to add to Pubs Galore because you went walkabout – and you needn’t think I’m trogging all the way over there to take a picture of a Hungry Horse. If only it was on the way to somewhere decent…


  2. “open for almost three years and you’re the first beer drinker that’s ever gone in”.
    Didn’t someone say that some businesses simply don’t deserve to succeed ?

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    1. To be fair, and for the avoidance of doubt (not to mention the avoidance of any court cases), I made up that bit about WhatPub saying that no one has gone in to have a beer. It could still be true, of course.

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