Where were we last Saturday ?

Oh yes, on the beach at Whitley Bay. Made you a video.

Ain’t the British seaside great (yes).

We’d used the facilities at the Champagne Bar at Spanish City (twice).

Now it was time for my penultimate tick for Tyne & Wear.

I was expecting the Split Chimp, wayward cousin of the original Chimp near Newcastle Station, to be quite smart; outside a Champagne bar, next to a posh fish and chips restaurant, integrated into a gorgeous Renaissance-style frontage.

It’s not posh.

Can we come in ?” I ask on the dot of 14:00.

If you must says our hero. I like him, Mrs RM was suspicious.

But she does feel safe, more so when the chap confront the non-compliant visitor.

What’s happened with your face ?”

Eh ?

It’s just your mask doesn’t fit on it

And the bar, which I was allowed to approach to make my choice, had a few reassuring sights amongst the exotica.

I LOVED it. Checking back I loved the original Chimp too, though I’d forgotten my Town Mice and Mean Eyed Cats mixed up in my head. Tyne & Wear is like that.

Double Maxim in a Stones glass (NBSS 3.5/4) is the drink of the summer.

Where are my crisps ?” asked the punter.

Get them yourself” came the deadpan delivery.

Mrs RM looked shocked. I wrote down “idiosyncratic“.

It was SO good, I stayed for a pint of Jarl. Better than in the Laurieston, but of course you’re not allowed to say that.

BRAPA will love the cheek, the beer, the music, the stuff going on underneath the surface.

But he lacks discipline, and probably won’t queue up for ice cream or chips afterwards.

But WE know how to live life.


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