14th October 2022. Still ahead of BRAPA, which is all that counts, really.

In contrast, there’s no point reading this as Blackpool Jane blogged about the evening, ooh, 3.7 years ago (here), but legally I have to post my photos so here goes;

A Friday night as DES to Mrs RM, Aberdeenshire’s own Karen and Blackpool’s Jane, ahead of the Tangerine’s bloodbath at Bramhall Lane the next day.

Now, some would say a man should never accompany women on a pub crawl; they’ll only embarrass you by asking for samplers, complaining that beer’s too “citrusy” or taking a pint back.

But I would never complain, with quality entertainment from Mrs RM with her table nicking in the Beer House and Karen’s (warranted) verbal assault on the sausages in the Porter Brook (read Jane’s blog),

and of course Jane’s predilection for the strongest beer in every pub.

10% ! Boys bitter ! Carrot Cake Imperial Stout or nothing !!!“.

Note my sad (but lovely) alcohol free Lervig in the Crow, the only point at which I was getting bored with being DES.

Despite being on the coke, it was a great night, with posh Sheffield shining with its independent eateries and street art.

I was even given a lesson in surreptitious pub photography in Ale Club.

But after saying goodnight to Karen I was able to finish Friday night in some style on my own doorstep by finishing Jane’s pint of Stout and a beer you might be familiar with.

But the highlight of the Blind Monkey, apart from it being lively but cosy, was the packet of themed scratchings with ale jam.

Somehow, it worked.

Oh, and thanks for the excellent review of our guest accommodation, Jane. You’re welcome any time.


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