2nd December 2022.

Sheffield’s railway station is the starting point for many exciting journeys. but increasingly there’s slim ticking pickings at the end.

Never mind, at least a fourth trip to Nottingham in a year for gigs and cricket allows me to finish a Guide county, and pretend I’m “Doing the GBG” again. Or perhaps I am ?

Not quite sure what I can tell you about Nottingham you don’t already know. It changes slowly, compared to Manchester or even Sheffield,

though their version of a cat cafe involving 400 bunny rabbits licking you says a lot about East Midlands tastes.

I could have saved myself a trip if I’d hung around a year ago when the Partizan opened at 4pm,

My notes say, well, they don’t say anything.

No notes at all. I spent half an hour at the bar discussing travels to Serbia, his love for Partizan Belgrade,

and the vagaries of trade. A top bloke, and a decent micro with proper seating.

What I can remember is that those Northern Alchemy and Lenton Lane beers were wonderful; cool, crisp and chewy (NBSS 4/4.5).

Probably the beers of the year. Good job I didn’t stay another half hour and attempt the keg run;

But what now ? As with Lincoln, nothing else new for miles, the Castle closed, how to get value from that rail ticket ?

Well, admire the street art,

wonder what Alan Winfield made of the glorious Lion Hotel being converted to a “casino”,

resist the fudge in the market square,

and the colour changing cocktails in Alchemy.

Ooh, what’s this ?

Bass livery, Bass window, lots of red triangles….

…but no Bass. And none till the new year “As we’re concentrating on Christmas“.

I sulk, and look a bit like Bernard Cribbins on the 7″ cover of Hole In The Ground on the second hand record store in Hurts Yard.

Hurts Yard is a little thoroughfare without any great artisanal ambitions, but it’s many years since I pre-emptively ticked the Barrel Drop and found it a bit unconvincing.

Oh, go on then.

It looked a place transformed.

Classy, cosy, crafty. The beer board suggests a successor to the much-loved (by me) Crafty Crow,

with the Magpie ROAM a nice drop of murk.

My daily Shazam revealed a track only Shazam’d 30 times, a great result.

Back home, I got the pinker out.

Almost as satisfying as this photo of the moon taken from the garden in Sheffield.

14 thoughts on “PARTIZANAL

      1. Your the keynote speaker so they won’t even ask you for ID. 20 minutes allowed for questions, but don’t worry as I’ve got a couple of supportive questions lined up if it goes quiet.


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