Jeff in Notts

An odd day last Monday, with 3 hours of near silence at the Crucible followed by 2 hours of blistering punk noise at Nottingham’s Rescue Rooms.

Not sure why Matt wanted me to see Jeff Rosenstock with him, it’s not as if he’s scared of travelling alone (like I was at 20).

Perhaps he wanted my guided tour of Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem.

Actually he was quite impressed, more so with my resilience in not having a pint of Kimberley or whatever they sell.

The Trip was heaving, empty glasses all over the place, as Forest and West Brom fans started drinking an impressive 4 hours before their kick off.

But overall central Nottingham was a bit quqiet, or rather the shops were. Annie’s Burger Shack has scrapped the silly cask that made it the only central Guide entry a few years back and gone big boy keg.

I resisted, and almost made it through the whole of a classic night of BRAPA approved punk from Fresh and Jeff.

Almost. But who can resist proper German beer at a fiver a can. It was gorgeous.

Oh, here’s Matt’s video of Jeff. The loudest gig since Motorhead in 87.

7 thoughts on “Jeff in Notts

    1. It’s been rather too long since my last visit to Ye Olde Trip, and indeed to Nottingham in general – a Proper Day Out, perhaps? But I agree with your sentiments, Beermat.

      I haven’t heard of the Rescue Rooms – is it one of those “escape rooms” that were all the rage pre-pandemic, where you and a group of mates are locked in a room, and have to find your way out? Also, not really being down with the “yoof,” (unlike Martin), I haven’t heard of Jeff Rosenstock either.

      Bet him and his band weren’t as loud as Led Zeppelin at Earls Court, in 1975!

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  1. The Who might have been loud, and name-dropping again I saw their gig at Manchester’s Belle Vue Gardens, in ’73.

    Not as loud as Led Zep, though! 🙉


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