A year ago, while Covid restrictions still raged, I booked tickets to watch a session of the World Snooker Championship in 2022.

I almost never book ahead. Mrs RM and I were married within 2 months of being engaged, and so what if it was for tax reasons?

By the by, if we last till the 27th June (which I doubt after that Easter Sunday session) it’ll be 30 years and you can join us in forgetting to commemorate the day. Again.

The Crucible sent me a text last Monday morning to remind me I’d booked a random session at 10am, just enough time for a double espresso and foccacia toastie at Cafe Tucci, the best in Sheffield.

The Crucible IS snooker, despite attempts to move the World Cup to a social club in Ally Pally (or was it Andover ?).

OK, there’s only a few hundred fans in for each of the 3 sessions, but they’re like hard-core CAMRA beer festival fans in their “Terrific Trump” and “Super Selby’ t-shirts.

There’s a bar selling themed Abbeydale and Bradfield beers, probably called “Potters Pale” and “Extendible Rest DIPA” but I’m terrified of needing the loo during a long frame so I resist.

My random fixture is Anthony McGill v Sean Highfield, a bit worthy, but I do get to see a bespectacled Steve Davis up in the commentary box. Which is nice.

My view is superb, better than the telly, and I enjoy nearly 3 hours of attritional play in an arena where silence is impeccably observed.

At the end, the crowd rushes for the exit, where Spoons. Sam Smiths and a Head of Steam await. But not for me.

16 thoughts on “SNOOKER LOOPY

  1. Funnily enough I was in the Sheffield Winter Gardens (pictured above) yesterday lunchtime (26 April) watching Hazel Irvine interview John Parrott for the BBC snooker coverage. Life doesn’t get much more exciting than that, does it?

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  2. Having once attempted, and ultimately failed I think, to explain the rules of cricket to an American fellow traveller on a coach tour of baseball games along the east coast of the United States, I get the feeling I’d be similarly unsuccessful if I ever tried the same thing with snooker.


  3. I used to know a bloke who was nicknamed Snooker Loopy, not because he liked snooker but because he was once found drunk in a gutter singing the song of the same name.

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