3rd January 2020

Yes, a whole two days into the new decade (don’t start) and I was tickless. “It’s a long way to tickerary” as the old song goes.

January is a treacherous month for GBG tickers, for 3 reasons;

  1. Man flu is inevitable
  2. Snow and ice makes travel beyond the end of the drive treacherous (apparently)
  3. All the new micros take a well-earned winter break, returning when they feel like it

But I’m immortal, never get ill, and the sun follows me around, so come Friday I reckoned a trip to That Yorkshire was on.

A quick look at my amazing pinked map reveals East Yorkshire to be doable. Five ticks, four on the train line.


Pocklington is at the ends of the earth.

Even with a stop at one of the 17 new Starbucks at beleaguered Elkesley I still managed to cross 8 counties (I count Hunts) in 2 hours 50.


I’d done my research on the Market Tap, after BRAPA had found it inexplicably shut on a Saturday.

Simon had failed to remind me what a dull place Pocklington was, bus station apart.


But perhaps I thought it was bigger than it is, only 3,000 more than Waterbeach but with eleven entries on WhatPub, the Tap providing cause for celebration when the town got its first GBG entry in a generation this year.

Not a lot, really
Cooplands cakes the highlight
Proof of sunshine
Very East Yorkshire

Best comparison I could come up with would be a plain Norfolk town like Attleborough eborough or a smaller Dereham (sorry Charles).

When the meat delivery is the highlight, you worry.

No it’s not the Riflle Drum, Paul

I spent 10minutes walking round in circles looking for drama I presented myself, coins in hand, at the door at 12:01.

Shadowy figure

There were handpumps (loads of them), there was a sign on the door saying “Open at 12”, their FaceBook page said they’d be open for a Brass Castle Tap Takeover.

View from outside


Then a lady came down the stairs, with a dog and started doing something techy. I put my nose to the door. She ignored me, as you would.

I walked the block and came back. Duncan said “Stay put and wear them down”.

Then she came to the door.

“Can I HELP you”

“I was hoping for a beer”

“We’re not open yet. The tills won’t work”

“But I’ve come from Cambridge”

“Fair enough, come in”

View from inside

Turns out the brave Brass Castle lady was manning the fort. She was wonderful,I have to say.

Why Otter ?

Got my Brass Castle, very good too.


The lesson is Never Give Up. Or,failing, that, climb in through the back window and pour your own pint Si.

Oh, some late news.


  1. “All the new micros take a well-earned winter break, returning when they feel like it” – yes, I well remember twelve months ago 3rd January being too early in the year for a pint in the Petersgate Tap.

    Rifle Drum , yes, we will NEVER forget the Rifle Drum.

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  2. Now you know I would never normally call attention to a typo, as I make them so often myslef. But really I can’t help wondering what Russ would have to say about “Man flu is inevtitable.” 😉

    Three cheers for the Brass Castle lady for being allowing you in for your tick. Have you ever had someone refuse in such a situation, even when you’ve explained the special effort you’ve made to get to the place?


    1. Let’s not speculate too much on what Russ would have to say, eh? 😉

      I’ve been refused service when pubs in Winchester, Sunderland, Epsom and Gidea Park had private functions on. I feel Duncan would have pressed the issue further.

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  3. “We’re not open yet. The tills won’t work” sums up what’s wrong with pubs nowadays, staff that can’t do arithmetic and/or can’t be trusted.
    Some of the best pubs I know, including in Portland Street, Kirk ireton and High Offley, have always managed perfectly well without tills that need to “work”.
    Incidentally, the biggest change at the Anchor on your birthday was that there’s now a notice up stating that it’s Cash Only which is stating the obvious really.,

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  4. Not automatically, particularly if the branch members visit and like it. Many pubs these days lack a specific manager responsible for the cellar anyway.

    And some branches are much more dilligent about removing pubs in year. They literally respond to comments from people like me and Simon.


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