Another day, another county falls. With Covid cutting the churn, that only meant five newbies this year, but the last of them is, excitingly, deep in the heart of South Cheshire farming country next to the River Weaver. Perhaps Peter Allen got this far north on hid canal trips ?

This is the architectural highlight (thanks, Google Maps),

but I guess folk here need to go to Crewe for their excitement.

The Cotton Arms was, I assumed, one of South Cheshire’s many gastropubs you know and love, but with a campsite in the garden and outside loos I was prepared to be surprised.

A CAMRA award winner that I’d never visited. Hmmm.

The lounge is open plan and foody, but I hear banter from the side room, and head there.

The cheery barman moves across to serve me, so I immediately send him back to the other bar to pour my Pedigree. I hope he claims for the extra shoe-wear on expenses.

The board said £4. I was charged £3.90. Was it really 10p cheaper in the Public bar ?

The public, the locals bar if you like, is simpler than the lounge. Simpler tables, Marilyn Monroe, those Olympics that the UK are dominating, a Budweiser sign, a chap in Hi-Vis.

And a stunning sulphuric Pedi, cool and gorgeous (NBSS 3.5/4). A different beast to the flatter Pedi of the East Midlands, but just as convincing.

I really shouldn’t bite those nails while I’m waiting to see if the micro opens.

A modest corker to finish, and more evidence that the GBG isn’t all beer exhibitions and brewery taps.

Even in Cheshire.


  1. I’ll trust that “sulphuric`’ is a notch up from “sulphurous”, but in a good way.

    My old chemistry teacher might have had something to add there again, maybe.

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  2. Wow, a new entry in Cheshire that isn’t a Brunning & Price clone or a Hollyoaks Prosecco bar – wonders will never cease!

    Never actually been to that one, although I have been to Robinson’s Dusty Miller just down the road, which WhatPub says is currently closed.

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  3. Hi Martin, that outside loo came to my rescue once after an extended stroll exploring lift bridges along the Llangollen Canal. I was tempted by the Dusty Miller initially but the Cotton Arms won because I don’t get to see many pubs with their own caravan site in the West Midlands! Your photos of the local bars brought back a few happy memories too. Cheers, Paul

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    1. Cheers Paul. It’s good to see the Cotton Arms in the latest GBG on the basis of excellent beer quality alone, rather than number of handpumps or support for local breweries. That may not be a popular view ! They sold 6 pints of Pedi while I was there.


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