There’s some strange people live on this next map extract (not literally).

But it’s always a joy to visit Hull, home of the Tigers and home to some of England’s greatest streets and pubs. James was telling me he plans to take his Canadian friend (from St Johns) to Hull for culture during his visit, but then told me that Hull is a seaside town. Perhaps he’s going to Spurn Point.

Who knows, by the time he arrives the Westfield night club may be back open playing Billy Ocean hits.

The folk who’ve taken on the Westfield own the Alexandra Hotel next door, another labour of love (but not in a UB40 naff cover version way).

For 25 years I’ve made near annual trips along Hessle Road and marvelled at the facade of the Alexandra (and the Vauxhall Tavern, to be honest), and wondered how they managed to avoid the GBG so long when every other pub in Hull had a go.

By not selling real ale, I guess. But now Mike and Mark have got some pumps selling gorgeous cask and I was blown away entering on Friday night.

Fans of clutter, and mechanical projects, and random step ladders will be in heaven.

Mike took me on a guided tour of the hidden wonders of this amazing pub while the regulars served a visitor, but I’ll be honest it was the “Evita” soundtrack that I was more interested in.

As the song goes, she is a diamond, and if you can’t make the 10 minutes walk out from the station you’ll miss out on one of the nation’s great pubs.

Who knows, they may even bring back the Bass.


  1. Oh wow, I’ve got one of those Mamod steam engines, it was my favourite thing when I was a kid. I need to do it up when I get the chance. Apart from Mrs B and my dad’s medals, it’s the thing I would rescue from a burning building.

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