A HULL OF A TIME (2015/16/17/18/19)

” Hull?! ” say 99% of you (49.5 people).

“I thought you were doing the less obvious places” says Dave.

A great city, a great pub destination, and one of the most photogenic places on earth.


To cap it all, no risk of bumping into Team BRAPA either, they’ve boycotted Hull Tigers home matches due to the lack of “experience enhancing” VAR in the minor leagues.

Let’s see what Hull has to offer the adventurous traveller, whether from Minneapolis, Maidstone or Molescroft.

Cheap hotels

Always a bonus. I recommend the Ibis Budget, falling distance from the Spoons. You can park in the docks for free from mid afternoon, and your car may still be there in the morning (if it’s a battered Aygo with 190k on the clock).

Sunsets over the docks

Remember being outside?

Civic architecture

Could be in Brighton


You could be in Europe

Churches. Not all converted to craft beer bars yet.



Legends (not a Tameside nightclub)

Oh, Ian Ashbee’s magic…

Closed loos

Future micros

Questionable loos


Street Art

Now contains emergency copy of the Hull CAMRA Pub Guide in place of a phone
Si finds a pub unexpectedly closed

Gorgeous pub tiling

Never been in
Decent Guest House option

Wonderful museums

Tavare during his tempestuous 18 not out off 87 balls at Cottingham Cricket Club

Old brewery tat

“not what it was” – the late R Coldwell

A Big Spoons (or 2)


And many, many Proper Pubs.

The Kingston
Your Sam’s
Folk drinking IPA thru a straw, Lord Nelson
18th century high tables
Edwardian splendour
Craft beer
12% pastry stouts

Oh, and burnt ends


Not that they ever arrived.

12 thoughts on “A HULL OF A TIME (2015/16/17/18/19)

  1. “falling distance from the Spoons” –Never encountered the words “falling distance” until now. Is it related to what happens when you’ve had one too many pints at said Spoons? 😉

    That entrance to the closed toilets looks looks surprisingly grand and ornate. Do you see such things all around the UK, or is this unique to Hull? Reminds me of those art deco subway entrances you see in Paris!

    Richard would be well pleased his verdict on Tetley’s continues to ring down the ages by way of your blog. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Despite growing up just south of the Humber, I’ve never been to ‘ull (passed through, but never stopped)! The little bridge wasn’t completed until after I’d moved to Brum. And it isn’t really on any of our canal routes!

    However, the city of ‘ull is firmly etched in my mind! It was Saturday 3rd May 1980 and a group of us were spending the weekend with my boating mate at his place in Stilton. At that time he was running two transport cafés on the A1 close by. The Saturday plan was for Will to get up and open the cafés and come back for us a bit later so that we could have breakfast there…then spend the rest of the weekend drinking.

    Sounded like a great plan…except…none of us had twigged that it was the Rugby League Challenge Cup Final at Wembley between Hull FC and Hull Kingston Rovers! Shortly after we’d arrived the first of I don’t know how many coaches full of Hull FC fans turned up looking for breakfast and toilets. Pretty soon, breakfast for us was out of the window – I was washing up, Matt cooking sausages, someone else on toast and Will had to go to the café on the other side of the A1 for more bread and milk…it was chaos…but we managed to feed them and send them on their way to Wembley!

    Later in the evening at least one of the coaches pulled up in Stilton as I recognised one or two of the ‘invaders’ from the morning in the pub we were in. Although they’d lost, they seemed to be in reasonable spirits!

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  3. Thanks Martin for a tour of my home city. You have shown it off so well. Is that phone box in Cottingham? Empress is best avoided, as you have done, despite its colourful exterior. Love the Chris Tavare tribute!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I think I mentioned a while ago that most of my time there was spent working at the Hull Brewery which is probably as good an excuse as any for not properly getting round the pubs.

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