Just to prove I am going out for my prescribed/allowed one hour of continuous exercise, here’s the highlights from my walk up and down Car Dyke, Waterbeach’s third biggest tourist attraction. After the Sun and my parents’ house .

Those Fens views you love
Blue + Moon

This morning’s highlights come from Durham, for no good reason whatsoever.


Bit surprising to see only 3 trips here in 4 years and 3,000 posts.

24 Guide pubs over the years in a city of 65,549 is staggering though. That’s a lot of pubs within a square mile or so.


Still, you occasionally find a Durham pub you’ve never been in, like the excellent B & B at the Shoes.

Proper breakfast

Durham is a curates egg of a county. In 2016 I wrote

In the ex-Vaux houses to the west of the county, despite (because ?) of very limited beer ranges, real ale turnover seems very limited. You get outed as a CAMRA member if you ask for Doom Bar round here.”

Countryside near Prefab Sprout land

But the beer quality (and choice, if you’re one of them CAMRAs), is pretty consistent, at least in term time.

But you come for the views, don’t you?

What is Psych?

Come and see the UK’s dullest High Street (#fact).

Who did this?

Steer clear of the shops and head for the Station House for your jigsaws, political debate and impeccable Landlord (and Landlady).

Old Boys in the Station House

Then head for hipster central at Colpitts, a Sam Smiths flagship.

Mind your effing and jeffing.


Middle-aged men and women out drinking is a feature of Durham, and the North-East in general.

When Mrs RM and I were here in 2018 we couldn’t even squeeze in the Market, svelte as we are.

Can you still get Castle Eden Ale?

20 years ago it was the standout in the Elm Tree, once refused admission to the GBG on spurious grounds. Look it up yourself.

Northern head

No trip to the Victoria, or the Half Moon, or the Swan, in recent times.


But I did visit Alington Hall Community Centre and drink Arthur Scargill themed beer before a gig by Martha, Durham’s top Punx.


Crass tribute there

Perhaps the best homebrew in a plastic cup I’ve ever had. And the best gig at the foot of a hill leading to a cathedral.

25 thoughts on “DURHAM DAWDLINGS

  1. I always wonder if Durham would appeal to me more if I stayed longer. You can’t beat the cathedral and much of the center yet it hasn’t grabbed me like I think it should. I have fonder memories of Newcastle for some reason. May stay longer in 2024 when the vaccine arrives and we can travel again.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Newcastle is in my Top 5 on all counts (walks, buildings, pubs, beer quality, music venues, art, Chinese food, football).

      Durham is a tiny county town, closer to Ely than Cambridge, for instance.

      You ought to follow the River Wear round the castle site on a crisp morning to see it at its best.


      1. Etu,
        I had four days in Cornwall two years ago and hardly saw the Trelawny at all.


  2. I was hoping to get to the north-east, including Durham, in September but don’t know if it’ll happen.


    1. Raymondo,
      Yes and my plan was “I’ve got to leave old Durham town” to also get round some pubs in Berwick, Newcastle and Hartlepool.

      Liked by 1 person

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