That’s the first and last time I use the phrase “quoffing“. Eagle-eyed readers will note yesterday’s Swansea programme from ’76 cost a staggering 12p.  Today, same division, just two years earlier, Darlo’s is yours for a shilling. EVERYTHING cost a shilling in ’74, before the 3 day week and hyper-inflation heralded a Callaghan Government… Continue reading DARLINGTON – QUOFFING IN QUAKERLAND


Some artists are best known for their worst work. McCartney made his fortune singing about frogs, Bowie is best known for a gnome, and BRAPA‘s fortune rests on a single act of public urination at a Nottinghamshire station. Despite classic blogs from Spurn Head, Kilmarnock and Gozo, my blogging highlight appears to be this faulty… Continue reading MY GRANDFATHER’S CLOCK


WARNING: Contains trip to Stockton-on-Tees without a visit here; No banked Bass, but another day to admire the ongoing revitalisation of Darlington’s hitherto scruffy sister. Goodness me, Stockton is scrubbing up well. The big project is the refurb of the Globe Theatre, which once played host to the Beatles in the days before Lennon switched… Continue reading CLOUDWATER COMES TO STOCKTON