19th February 2023.

Two Sunday ticks, sort of, but I was more interested in persuading Mrs RM of the charms of Stockton before we headed home.

She hadn’t warmed to a town centre whose main drag was in the middle of being demolished,

but you should never judge a town on its indoor shopping centre, and the plans for the new riverside looked as impressive as the restored Globe theatre.

But it was the Stockton Flyer that Blackpool Jane had been enthusing about we came to see.

At 1pm every day, SOMETHING HAPPENS. No idea what, steam punk I think. Mrs RM braved a chilly day to join a trio of Asian tourists who’d come to see it (or perhaps the banked Bass across the road).

Inside the Flyer is what I assume is an early autovac machine, but I’m no beer expert.

1pm came and went. Was this a con ?

And then it started (press PLAY).

A reminder that the world’s first EVER public rail journeys started here, of course, and in 1825 you could rely on the electronic display boards showing your train times.

Loads to admire in Stockton, as long as you aren’t on a parmo-free diet; all it needs is visitors.

Once again, the centre seemed virtually deserted on a Sunday. But these things change, and I shall continue to promote Stockton’s marvellous art.

Mrs RM finally succumbed to the beauty of the yards down which lie micropubs,

and obscure Beatles references.

We nipped in the Spoons for a wee to admire the ceiling,

and it was at this point that Mrs RM told me that the day before a drunk bloke had hurled himself from the Thomas Sheraton, missing his booked taxi by 3 feet. And, rather than filming this episode, she’d helped him into his Uber.

She make make a nice human being, but she’ll never make a blogger.

5 thoughts on “A STOCKTON FLYER

  1. An ex-workmate of mine was George Stephenson’s great, great (add as many as you like) great…grandson. I wish that he’d just told me the once though.

    I take it that the chap who hurled himself from the hotel did so from the ground floor?


  2. One of the few Wetherspoons toilets on the same floor as the drinking bit. Appreciated.

    I thought we were off to the Golden Smog with that alleyway, or am I preempting things.

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