It’s a shame the Southworths missed the chance to visit my local on their visit last year.

When they, inevitably come back they’ll find Waterbeach a beery boom town village.


Not only is The Sun deservedly back in the Guide and selling “interesting” beer, the Brewery Tap was serving Landlord this week, the White Horse dishes up pizza, and the new gym offers craft beer from Milton Brewery, if it’s open.

There’s one other pub in Waterbeach, the Black Dubloon, but you’ll never visit it.

And we have two (2) breweries, side by side. Long-standing Milton offers a classic **** up in a brewery, while bran’ new Pastore is launching its Tap Room this month to meet Waterbeach’s insatiable demand for mixed fermentation beers (not even joking).

I saw this one in trendy Kommune when I visited Sheffield last week.



No Blood Orange Weisse in the Sun yet,but that’s not why we don’t visit enough.


It’s just hard to visit the village pub when you’re never in the village.

I always peer through the window in the hope of more Bass, but couldn’t make out any of the four pumps so felt obliged to drag Mrs RM in last Friday.

Not another new pump clip for Youngs !

Laine, Exeter and Lacons.  Makes a difference from Wherry, Ghost Ship and Pride.

But I care nought for choice. The Sun always delivers quality. And hot nuts.

They’ve dropped the Punk, but Mrs RM declared the Exeter “Mmm“. I reckoned that meant a 4, and the Laine a 3.5,  Beat that, Carluke.

My question is;

“How come the heads on two beers pulled at the same time are so different (top) ? And how does that affect the lacings (below) ?”


Answers on a postcard.


  1. No more Wherry in the Sun from now on as Andrew says its not up to scratch, rather glad its gone to be fair and it’s freed up a pump for other ales. The glasses in the Sun unfortunately aren’t the cleanest at the best of times, that might affect the quality of lacings and head retention. I hope to make it to Pastore later this month.

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    1. The cleaner glass would have the better lacings? I understand it this way, but am never really sure why. The Sun was a miss for us. Always odd how we miss pubs in the location where we stay. Doesn’t seem right…

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      1. The slightest greasy residue affects the froth’s ability to stick to the glass. No excuse really with modern glasswashing machines.

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      2. EP,
        “No excuse really with modern glasswashing machines” except that I thought that they needed maintenance and chemicals to work properly and some pubs might only attend to them when they finally break down.
        .I can’t remember problems with a couple washing up bowls and a good tea towel.


      3. Indeed.
        With good reason it was regularly said “You’ll eat a peck of dirt before you die” when I were a lad.


    2. If you’re there for the launch day I’ll see you there.

      Interesting point about glasses, both those pints were good but I suspect you’re right.

      Wherry is an odd one. Simon (BRAPA) swears the Wherry in Leighton Bromswold was as good as ever.


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