I rarely look back, there’s no ticks in it.  But my next pub is my local, a monthly visit at best, and I suddenly remembered what it looked like a year ago today (top).

Yes, we were in the middle of the Beast from the East, I was contemplating being snowed in for all of March, and the Sun had Plum Porter on to keep us warm.

A brave five minute walk to save pubs

This last week we needed sun screen, but it’s back to reality today.

A year on the Sun was looking no less  splendid, despite this dreadful “Match the flag to a country” competition.

Same Guinness offer on, incidentally

The fireplace has never been on in my lifetime, by the way.


During the week the trade is mainly in the Public, but the Lounge gets a good mix of village trade at weekends.  Mrs RM knows EVERYONE.

Wine drinker alert

Plenty of younger folk* drinking the real ale, with not a plate of fish and chips in sight.  The Sun is virtually wet these days, and I saw a dozen pints of cask pulled the 20 minutes we were there.

Waterbeach pub life

They’ve just started selling the local beers too, thanks to those lovely Punch people.

Oh, and the one brewed by the evil Chiswick sell-outs.

Beer you’ve heard of, if you live in Cambridge

Because I have to be honest with you, the Pegasus had a slightly odd buttery taste that Mrs RM didn’t warm to, so I had to help with her pint. But she managed the Hophead, one of the best examples I’ve had for ages (oddly, the best since Hendon). By far the most popular beer on the bar, too.

Those hot nuts always help with the NBSS, mind (it’s a 4).


*Younger generally = a year older than Mrs RM, but here I mean under 40s.

26 thoughts on “A LOOK BACK, A HOP(A)HEAD

  1. You are lucky to have a proper local -a Beefeater & Marstons family pub for us so we always have to make a little effort to travel into “town ” (40 mins walk,10 mins car ) Saharas hot nuts -we had a dispenser bought on a whim by the lad several years ago -never used (“the nuts were too expensive ” ) Now sold on to another wannabe hot nut eater

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      1. Yes -it was a Saharas one that lit up 7 & had a little scoop for the nuts -it was never filled & later sold to a chap setting up a bar in his house (& I suppose that is very Maidstone too )

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  2. There’s a pub in my town here in Ireland that carefully removes any England flag from the display before hanging it up.
    That,and the fact that the landlord is an oafish twat,is why I never drink there.
    Ironically his two sons moved to Blighty during the crash and both married English women.
    Yup,he’s that thick.

    P P-T.


  3. Many would give an arm and maybe a leg to be able to have that pub nearby. Do people generally like having everyone know them? There are many times I love my anonymous status. I am not sure how I would adjust to a true local.


    1. Oh I think so, enough to say “Helloooo, how’s the radishes” or whatever Fen folk say. I exaggerate a bit, there’s always a table of young folk we don’t know but we chase them out of town. The Sun has been on good form and is delighted to be back in the Beer Guide.

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      1. We’ve now got a cafe next door to the house Sun called Pharmacie that I can see ending up as a craft bar selling the new sour beers about to be brewed here. No joke.


      1. Pretty much, just one change of landlord in all those years, and that just two and a half years ago, still doing well despite the tightening evil grip of Enterprise.

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  4. “Same Guinness offer on, incidentally”

    Hopefully it’s not the same keg.


    Really? So; maybe the fire was on really really low just to give it a warm glow. 🙂

    “Mrs RM knows EVERYONE.”

    Someone at my house is a bit like that.

    “Those hot nuts always help with the NBSS,”

    It does tend to focus the mind.

    Oh, you mean pea-nuts. 😉



  5. Looks good. It’s time you settled down and started supporting your local pub. Rushing round the country trying a half here and a half there, watering plant pots, eating curries and staying in budget rooms, like a Commercial Traveller is only supporting the hotel/motel trade. Remember, if you don’t support your local then you will lose it!

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    1. But Martin doesn’t drink any less than ‘the average drinker’ and if everyone followed his example pubs all over the country would be full of customers like him.

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      1. What? Pubs full of people drinking halves of Wolverhampton brewed mediocrity, and once glorious British brews, furtively pouring them into plants pots when they think no one is looking? 😜


      2. Well, if he’s only drinking “mediocrity” that means he’s getting to the wrong pubs – and that means the book he’s using is no good.

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