This blogging lark is easy, at least once Matt goes to College and the internet improves a bit (it was brilliant in the Eccles Trivelles this week, but I can’t move there permanently).

Just a picture of a cheese & onion cob and a nice half of pale on a beer mat; cue frenzy over “Barm/bap/cob” and the lack of BBB.

Plenty of good food options in Lichfield; the new micros and craft bars like Beerbohm and the Whippet compete with dozens of cafes and chain pizzerias for the grey pound. Rather like Ely, it’s a great place to wander without fear of being harassed by street entertainers.

One last view
Name the Prolapse LP
Architectural & Ecclesiastical

I’ve already been reminded that when in Lichfield one should always go in the Horse & Jockey, the GBG stalwart. I just stood outside and took a photo of the GBG stickers.

So “Bass served here” sign though

I passed the H&J on the way to the other new Guide entry, under the arches at City station.


Mind the pigeons

First and foremost, you’re always happy to find a micro open, as Pubmeister notes in half-yearly report.

Fairly good hours at Bitter-Suite, and an owner with a hospitality background who wins the pub welcome of the month award.

A debate I won’t repeat going on there

Possibly the pub equivalent of Terri and Jethro’s stint at Cambridge’s Carton, with loads going on, a kind word for every visitor (even children till 5pm) and those all-essential pub games.


Cool, tasty beer from Artisan might win Beer of the Month, too; you’ll have to see what I thought of Brighton.

Rolls irresistible

Irresistible cheese and onion cobs and some of the best but most controversial political debate kicking off among my fellow retirees. BeerMat would be enthralled/appalled.

Only open since December 2017, which meant it made the Beer Guide in what some branches would think indecent haste. But it would be a travesty if this one had had to wait 18 months for its GBG debut.  Discuss. Over a pint and a cob.



24 thoughts on “BITTER-SUITE

    1. I was thinking Bore Street resulted in Wade Street just below; due to drilling bloody big holes in the ground so all the water started to well up in Wade. 😉

      And Cross Keys? Is that where lost keys congregate? And, because they’ve been lost, they’re a tad cross?




  1. Yes, “when in Lichfield one should always go in the Horse & Jockey”. It wasn’t on the itinerary last time I was in Lichfield but, being very near the B&K, I suggested it and we all had TWO pints and lunch there.
    The “mind the pigeons” photo unusually shows the Lichfield Brewery ( acquired with 182 pubs by Allsopps in 1930 and closed in 1935 ) framed by the railway bridge.
    I’m sure the “owner with a hospitality background” could more easily make a former pub, the Bridge Tavern, into a nice place than if it had formerly been shop premises like t’Whippet.


  2. If we were in a group the Kerplunk would definitely be chosen -it would get very noisy (like the Jenga incident in the Thomas Tallis in Canterbury ) The cheese things have always just been rolls to me so no debate

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    1. The Duke of York has only been “Joules” for several years and I’m not sure what it was between then and it ceasing to be a Davenports pub with the cheapest beer in Lichfield. .


      1. I knew the Queens Head many years ago as a proper Marstons pub but that was long before all that cheese, pate and sausages malarkey.

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  3. Beginning to think this hospitality background for micros might be a clue to the ones I will really enjoy. Early Doors in Skipton and The Newsroom in Matlock both fit the mould and are much better for it. In contrast I went to a micro on the edge of Burton recently. Physically it was ok, but, as the ex-Thwaites regional manager I was with commented, “that bloke just shouldn’t be running a pub”.

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      1. The “that bloke just shouldn’t be running a pub” comment about a micropub makes me think that “CAMRA membership and possession of social skills often seem mutually exclusive” also applies to SOME micropub owners, and I emphasise SOME in the same way that I suggest that SOME micropubs are opened ‘on the cheap’.

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  4. “Name the Prolapse LP”

    LP? Phew! When I read ‘prolapse’ I thought the next word would be rectum, in regards to the person bending over. 🙂

    “Architectural & Ecclesiastical”

    Churches aren’t considered architectural?

    “Mind the pigeons”

    Ok, now you’re just trolling us. 🙂

    “A debate I won’t repeat going on there”

    Give us a hint. 🙂


    Yahtzee for me.

    “Discuss. Over a pint and a cob.”

    Or a half. 😉


    (see, just starting to try and put my name down in case I forget to fill in the bloody details)


  5. Looks a nice place, never been. Anywhere serving Kelham Island beers will do for me though.They did a variation of that Night Rider with a Gene Vincent reference/name which was rather excellent at the time, few years ago though and the brewer (just retired) told me they only did it as a one off, or maybe twice.


    1. “A nice place”, yes, and likely to get a wider variety of customers than some recently opened premises.
      And convenient for the City railway station.

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  6. Dropped in for the first time today- while it’s only up the road, I’ve not been to Lichfield on a Saturday for a long time, and Bitter Suite isn’t always open midweek. Lovely micro that feels like a proper pub, but without all the things that can ruin them these days. Saw a Backyard employee in there too, but then, the beer was great.


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