Only this blog takes you from Accrington Canine Club to Lichfield Cathedral.

The British summer came to an abrupt close yesterday, but a week ago it was glorious, which no will doubt will cheer the hearts of our American readers.

I’ve shown Lichfield’s position in the Midlands firmament in relation to Brownhills, as lovely as it sounds.

Avoiding the toll road is an art

I guess Lichfield is well down the Cathedral City League Tables, competing with Peterborough or Winchester for promotion into League 1.  I certainly didn’t have many coachloads blocking my photos on Friday lunchtime, which is good as I don’t understand Photoshop.

The approach via the Close is particularly gorgeous.


As with Ely, the lack of scaffolding is a real boon.


They weren’t even charging for admission, which just makes you more disposed to donate.

Anyway, a must visit.  Just don’t go when they’re holding a business meeting on Brexit preparations in the middle, that’s my advice.

No jokes about future B&Ks
or pictures of BRAPA on the stained glass

The stroll into town is no less inspiring.

I note that for the same price as that mega-breakfast in Bootle I could have 50 chicken wings for lunch in Walkabout, but sadly it’s keg so I amble on.

Calorie count ?

Pleasing architecture in the market square, with a sculpture of Samuel Johnson that reminds me of BRAPA pondering opening times in Chaldon Herring.

Nice pies in the market but overpriced

Stuff your architecture, where’s me pub ?”  I hear Mr B. Ore of Beer cry.

Well, here’s one, marked as Malt Bar on the map but now with a shiny new name.

Blink and you miss it. As did I.

This is a cathedral of modern café-bar culture.


Facing a ridiculously tightly-packed Spoons head-on, 55 Wade Street offers a more local lunch option for a fiver.

You’ll have to guess what was homemade and served with faggots

Somehow I turned down this lunch offer as well. Goodness knows what I thought could beat faggots and mash for £5.

Straight to the BBBs at the bar. Oh.

Never heard of you

The white tiling and jam jars are the giveaways, aren’t they ?

I look blankly for a second, see the word “stout” on the busy homebrew clip and go for that.

That’s just gone on Sir !”  says the cheery barman.

Is it good ?”  I ask, feigning interest in beer.

No idea, I don’t like dark.  But I’ve heard good things”   It was “OK”

Where’s it from ?”  I’m overreaching now.

No idea.  Somewhere local ?”  Close enough.

There was more plot twists there than in a Kevin Rowland lyric, let alone Ed Sheeran whose (x/+/-) album drove me out after ten minutes.

If Dr Johnson had been here now, he’d no doubt have been able to define “craft” definitively, and also enjoyed the pronunciation of the word “musheee“, as a group of shoppers debated the big choice of peas with their fish.  They looked like garden pea people to be fair.


Actually not bad, better than a B&K for lunch, but hardly likely to drag Paul Mudge over from the county town for a half.

The next one might do.

46 thoughts on “LICHFIELD CATHEDRAL(S)

  1. Very recently you found a £16 breakfast offer. Now it’s a £16 later in the day food offer.

    “hardly likely to drag Paul Mudge over from the county town for a half” except that I’ve been there twice in the last several months on pub crawls with someone else’s itinerary.

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    1. Monday was when I last had faggots, mash, peas and two pints of Holdens Bitter.
      It’s more than a fiver in the Swan at t’other Whiston though but all three cask beers are no more than £3 a pint.

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      1. Indeed, and it’s much better faggots in Staffordshire than Worcester.
        ( and I wouldn’t want that quoting out of context )

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  2. Interesting thoughts on the cathedral league table. Completists used to work from Alec Clifton-Taylor’s Guide. It was when they brought in the new micro cathedrals like Blackburn and Portsmouth that it got more complex. Catholic ones like Motherwell were excluded from consideration in other publications. Pretty sure Winchester will be sending you a stiff letter.

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    1. Once again, I was merely riffing on BRAPA’s lead; you may have missed him musing on ticking churches in Chaldon Herring when finding the Sailor’s Boy closed.

      Ah, micro cathedrals, the bain of a ticker’s life. Pompey’s is a favourite, incidentally. Carluke I have still to do.

      A stiff letter is on parchment, right ?

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      1. I did miss that – will go back through his extensive archives. Hard to keep up- 500 words maximum rule should be introduced! Motherwell has a cathedral, Carfin a grotto- both good ticks.

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      2. By coincidence, I visited St Asaph Cathedral earlier this week. It is, of course, an original cathedral, not a parish church that has later been elevated in status. It contains a rare copy of the earliest printed edition of the Bible translated into Welsh. There is a pub opposite with a Bass sign on the end gable, although I very much doubt any actual Bass.


      3. Oh, yes, I can see what you mean about B G Betterspoons Ltd being a JDW rip-off
        The “St Davids pub must pay £7,000 over food hygiene failings” headline was for “Managing director of B G Betterspoons Ltd, which owns The Bishops, Matthew Blakiston admitted failing to make sure food was protected against contamination, ensuring that his staff were properly trained and supervised, and abiding by a food safety management system, on June 21st, 2012”.
        I’m not sure if Pembrokeshire County Council prosecutor Sally Martin is related to Tim.

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    1. LAF,
      The George & Dragon and Horse & Jockey are my top two Lichfield pubs.
      I always think how different Lichfield is from Uttoxeter.

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      1. It’s not the job of the Beer Guide to take me to the best pubs, that’s what the Beer & Pubs Forum does. It should take me to the best kept cask, even if I have to walk past a Heritage classic. Sadly, it can serve a third purpose, to take the visitor to pubs with lots of unusual beers that CAMRA members visit to tick beers off on Untappd.


    1. I think there’s a clear divide between the beer specialists and the ordinary pubs and bars who have a never ending churn of guests. I don’t know or care what beer is made with (rain, I think) so can hardly complain about product knowledge, particularly when cask beer make up about 5% of sales !


    2. Dick,
      But they don’t know the strength – that’s why it’s on the pumpclip,
      they don’t know the colour – that’s why it’s in a little jar and
      they don’t know the price – that’s why it’s in the till.
      Over the past forty years working behind a jar has gradually become an unskilled job.
      Pubs aren’t what they were when I were a lad !

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      1. As Pub Curmudgeon notes, “working behind a jar” is clearly a Freudian slip so I’m leaving it !

        I also not on this blog how frequently they don’t know which beers are which and have to turn the clips round (even after I point at them and even when there’s only two on).


  3. Gravy. As MrsWM has been in Venice I managed to fit in faggots for two meals. Luxury. Although sold at Burton’s ground someone was recently thrown out for use of the word on the terraces. Would have made an interesting legal case.


      1. I’m not sure if it is a micropub.
        There are better portions with better value in the Horse and Jockey. And Holdens and Timothy Taylors and guests such as Bathams. And NO white tiles.


      2. Yes café bar is a proper description of it ( not that I’m one for spending time defining this, that and t’other ).

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