Am I allowed to use the word “cack” ?  My mum says cack-handed, so must be OK.

Into Manchester, having narrowly avoided being lynched for missing the second “k” out of Kirkby Lonsdale (thanks Russ).

Or more properly, into Salford, where I was spending a night in romantic Weaste.

Marble Arch shown for context.  For Dave’s benefit
View from Weaste metro

Never been before, a semi-mythical place on the Greater Manchester Metro, and apparently a scary place to stay.  My car was the only one in the car park at 1pm, but anyone who nicks my car is a fool.  And the CDs in it are worth about 25p, says Matt.

A nice round £30.24 to stay in the Trivelles next to the Weaste stop, with this little gem next door.

I’ll be back, promise

For the first time ever, I took the metro all the way to the City ground, through the wastelands of Salford Quays, where I cursed the BBC building.

At the Etihad, I had this rare Cloudwater/7 Brothers collaborative brown beer, part of City’s commitment to supporting local brewers.


Don’t sue me, Cloudwater.  By the way, it was “Beefy drink” or Amstel.

A rare City game at 3pm on a Saturday, an even rarer capitulation.  But I tell you, you’ll never see a better hit than that Townsend goal.  My whole row in the Colin Bell Level 3 stood and applauded.

See the source image

Our season effectively over (see: every football writer since 22/12), I took solace in the beauty of Ancoats.

The famous craft baker (Pollen) was closed, but the latest addition to Manchester’s ever-expanding scene had finally opened.

Not a Sam Smiths

Now, I love Cask on Liverpool Road, and not just because I met BRAPA there once.

This is less pub and more bar, but people make a place, and this had a good mix of sharp-suited locals and scruffy Blues.

Some were playing board games;

They’re all invisible

I think this MAY be the closest bar on the way to City coming from the centre, but it’s an unusual route to/from the ground that would find you stumbling upon it.  Expect it to be competing with the Picc Tap within a month.

Welcome to Manchester keg prices, Dave.

All craft, mind

Back to those later.  They had Squawk on cask.

Ooh.  A beer list

I asked the Eternal Question.

“Do you prefer cash or contactless ?”

“Don’t care mate”.  Good lad.


Busy but not manic, the staff were great, the beer was a perfect temperature and richness (NBSS 4), and they were calling out to our American readers with their soundtrack.

I loved it; even stayed for the routine inadvisable Cloudwater sour, which was sublime, particularly when poured in a rush into the pint mug to create a foamy head.


See.  Am professional beer sommelier.

Right.  Where next ?


      1. Yes, the Lamb and the Grapes in particular.
        It’s many years since I did the eight Holts pubs on or near that road between Eccles and Particroft railway stations and I expect that about half of them might have closed now.
        Anyway it’s only three days now until our Holts Bitter in the Hare and Hounds.

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  1. Small sample so far but Manchester has been very inexpensive on the cask front. A pound less than Oxford in some cases. Better quality too. No Dylan yet though. Booming bass from bands I don’t know😀

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  2. Apart from their giving Nigel Farage way, way more air time than any other politician pre June 2016, what is the next particular reason to curse the BBC?

    I have plenty too, incidentally.

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    1. Giggling, lowest common denominator, self-serving idiots all*. (Listen to Brexitcast for Exhibit 1). I switched to LBC when Eddie Mair saw the truth and have that on all the time. And they’re a real political mix.
      I’d vote to scrap the BBC given a chance

      * I’ll exempt Ebony Rainford Brent.


      1. Yes, Martin. LBC does have the National Treasure James O’Brien at least.

        I can’t really appraise the BBC these days as I seldom give it any time.


    2. It was John Humphrys, just chucking in popular hearsay, and his own POV, as established fact, that caused me finally to give up on it.

      Also, as the late Tony Benn used to say “It’s what they *don’t* say on the BBC, which are the stories that really matter”

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    3. Far too many repeats on the BBC over the Christmas – New Year break, according to my wife, that is.

      The frog-faced, loud-mouthed fool got much more than his fair share of air time, post June 2016 as well.

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      1. Why Remainers think losing the referendum entitles normally polite people to resort to abuse of those whose views they disagree with still mystifies me two and a half years later.


    1. Dick,
      You remind me what a shame it was that the Coach and Horses opposite Piccadilly railway station was in the path of the tram route.
      It might have looked derelict for years but it was a free house and proper pub.

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      1. Used to go there a lot when a student in late 80s, always had an ‘aroma’ , due to the gents basically being a wall and probably no door, but beer was always good (Landlord? from very poor memory!)

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  3. Lord Farage of Greene King is box office.
    The BBC can’t afford him now he’s on a retainer with Fox News and a daily show on LBC.
    Plus all that Russian money he must have stashed away if you listen to the #FPBE nutters.
    The only thing I catch on the Beeb these days is Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter Watch.
    And that’s just to see how well Michaela Strachan has aged.
    What a babe.


      1. No,like John Prescott, Alastair Campbell, Neil Kinnock,Vince Cable,James Cleverley, Johnny Mercer and Kwasi Kwarteng who have also appeared on RT they receive a standard fee of £500.
        Alex Salmond gets more than that obviously.


      2. My sleuth-like skills, in using Wiki, tell me that it is this, Paul:

        “Farage is a member of the East India, Devonshire, Sports and Public Schools’ Club, a gentlemen’s club situated in St. James’s Square in London”

        Man o’ the people eh?


      3. Thanks.
        I know a member of the Garrick Club who is a gentleman which I’m not sure Farage is.


      4. I will not hear a word said against Nigel “shut up you stupid woman” Farage, Paul, as well you know.

        Sorry, Martin. I got several bars of 82% cocoa solids chocolate among my Christmas presents.

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      5. I had some 99% once. My middle ‘un demanded some, while we were in a brand new car.

        “You won’t like it” I said, but he insisted.

        I will draw a veil over the consequences of that…

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  4. “the routine inadvisable Cloudwater sour, which was sublime” –Couldn’t tell if this was said in earnest; that looked like an awful lot of foam! My friend in Macclesfield is a big fan of sours, but I haven’t quite acquired the taste yet myself.

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  5. That is a terrific head on the dimple jug!! Not done Manchester as often as I should but always impresses 👍🍻 I can imagine city fans applauding that goal as they are proper football fans (at present…might change in ten years)


  6. “(thanks Russ)”

    Don’t mention it. 🙂

    “And the CDs in it are worth about 25p, says Matt.”

    We had someone take the CDs in our car one night on our driveway (hadn’t locked the doors) which was funny because we never play them (use a USB) and they ignored the few dollars in change right beside the CDs.



    “I had this rare Cloudwater/7 Brothers collaborative brown beer, part of City’s commitment to supporting local brewers.”

    Good lord. Don’t give them any ideas!

    “but people make a place,”


    “They’re all invisible”

    I didn’t know the board game Carcassonne had the invisibility spell.

    “Welcome to Manchester keg prices, Dave.”

    Crikey! I shall henceforth keep quiet about keg prices over here. Sheesh!

    ““Do you prefer cash or contactless ?””

    Over here I think most of us would say cash or card.

    “Am professional beer sommelier.”

    Perhaps but, minus 1 for the dimpled mug. 🙂



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