Nice easy cultural reference for our American readers there. I got lost (see what I did there ?) after about three episodes of Series 1.

I’m not a big one for “Special days and anniversaries“, as you may have gathered. But I do like to be somewhere exotic on my birthday. Ghent in 2004, Belize in 2007, Havana in 2015, Wilmslow and Weaste in 2018.

You get no points for reminding me my 20 minute journey took me past the World Capital of Pubs;

Sorry, Stockport

Thanks to Transport for Wales for actually running trains on a Saturday, by the way.

The sole purpose of this trip was to tick the Brewhouse & Kitchen that took over the Spoons a couple of years ago. I’d done the Spoons, but I HAD to go back or face eternal damnation.

Duncan calls himself the Pubmeister, but he regards this as a mere change of ownership, where to me this is a completely new pub. The need for a Good Beer Guide Adjudicator grows by the day.


Now, in a list of my 10 least favourites things you would find North Cheshire, Brewhouse & Kitchen and Pubs at Christmas. But here I am, all eager with my little man purse in my hand, hoping it’s not too busy at 6pm.

Ah ! Shiny Brewery

Not TOO bad, and certainly aesthetically an improvement on some of the B&K warehouses in Milton Keynes* and Cheltenham. Quite pubby in fact, despite the brewing nonsense.


I am the only one not aged 25.3 years though.

Monopoly ! In a pub !

I found a table next to a piano with beer names on it. As you do.

But why ?
Damn your tasters

I was going to have a birthday burger, just to make the whole experience really naff, but I temporarily lost my debit card and only had enough for a pint.

I think I asked for the strongest one. Yes, I really did.

Naff label, good beer

Well, great choice me. This was superb; rich, cool and potent (NBSS 3.5+).

Sadly, I couldn’t see the big match (Hull v Swansea) on the little screens, but I was happy. B & K redemption. Some folks there weren’t dining !

Good beer bottle being used for unconnected purposes

But the peace was shattered as the “Monopoly Four” smashed a bottle and then realised they actually needed to go to the bar to order.

It was all kicking off in Wilmslow. Even with the Sweet Mandarin & Grapefruit handwash.


*I also went back to Milton Keynes and did the B&K after they completely remodelled the lovely Spoons.

28 thoughts on “WILMSLOW – “WE HAVE TO GO BACK”

  1. Does it need a return visit? Probably yes, in view of the complete change of name, branding and format. But changing from an Ember Inn to a Sizzling Pubs wouldn’t.

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    1. Probably yes because ownership is far more important than name, branding and format.
      But, yes, changing between Michells and Butlers’s seventeen brands is likely to be of little consequence.

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  2. Wilmslow, Lichfield and all over the place B & K are relieving Tim of his failing venues and getting customers to pay twice as much for the beer.
    I’m not sure if that’s a good idea or not but those dwelling in places like Wilmslow and Lichfield can afford it
    – and I’m not sure which you hear most, Wilmslowians moaning about having a Stockport postcode or Lichfieldians whinging about having a Walsall postcode.

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      1. And I think I know someone who would be offended by Cheshire being referred to as a “feckarse county”


      2. I lived in Cheshire for some years. It’s fine. The term referred to the random malice of happenchance, which assigned Buxton etc. to that post code.

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  3. First, unecessary revisits then enjoying Brewhouse & Kitchen. Where will it all end?! Bet you wouldn’t do it again if it changed from Punch to Enterprise though. Anyway, having revisited Twisted Wheel because it moved a few yards on the same site, I’m either on the moral high ground here or, more likely, haven’t got a leg to stand on. Glad you enjoyed your birthday despite the Ulverston lads keeping you up.

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  4. Havana 2015 for your birthday ?
    Havana 1995 for my wedding.
    I made a TV programme out of it.They offered me Castro’s brother Raul for interview but I said Fidel or nobody.
    I interviewed Gregorio Fuentes instead.Only the captain of Hemingway’s boat and the inspiration for The Old Man And The Sea.
    Got pissed in the Floridita and smoked lots of cigars.
    Best working holiday/wedding ever.
    Happy days.

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  5. “I got lost (see what I did there ?) ”

    Never watched. 😉

    “Sorry, Stockport”

    I thought you meant Altrincham; the 70% anagram of Manchester. 😉

    “Monopoly ! In a pub !”

    I have seen similar in one of the blogs in the past week but blowed if I can find it again.

    “but I temporarily lost my debit card and only had enough for a pint.”

    You could have tried telling them it was your birthday. 🙂

    “Even with the Sweet Mandarin & Grapefruit handwash.”

    I can’t wait till they come out with the Bovril one. 😉


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  6. My personal view is that to do the GBG properly, you should have to revisit every pub every year. That is so as to check for changes that would make a revisit necessary under your rules.


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