You were due a post last night, but things went downhill after Weaste.  I’ll stop there.

This is my last dip into Sheffield before picking James up from Uni.  I DO hope the last pub I need in Sheff is open when I take him back in mid-January.  Some pubs seem to think it reasonable to close for the whole of the month, to combat Dryanuary presumably.

I suspect the Wisewood in Loxley will be open.

They’re children, not kids

It’s what we call adestination” pub with all sorts of dining options; the ones you “dress up” for and the ones where you look like me.  Space for parties, space for pool.   A great all-rounder.

And a newish brewery in the downstairs room, coincidentally open in the year it gets in the Beer Guide.


It was just warming up on a Friday lunchtime before Christmas with pashmina wearers from Oughtibridge, a protected species.

Proper tables
Divides opinion, this one

I was seriously tempted by tapas, but can always judge when I might be in for a long wait for food. And my eye hurt looking at the board.

A “busy” menu

So just a half.  I nervously point at the one in the middle.

Jam jar of the week

“Ooh, that’s our newest one !”

Rarely have I heard bar staff speak with such good cheer and enthusiasm.  Is it a Sheffield thing ?

And she charged me £1.10.  You read that right, £2.20 a pint. In a smart part of Sheffield where I guess £3.50 is typical.  It was well-presented, smooth and drinkable (NBSS 3.5) but left me hankering for the Bradfield Farmers up the road in the Nag’s Head.

Nice head on the sherbert

My seat was being eyed up by the gentlefolk in twice-a-year suits making their way to the bar.

Where do you want to sit?”  was a harder thing to solve than Brexit.

Oh no, we’ll just all stand around at the bar and block folk ordering drinks.  It’ll make great cynical blog material for retiredmartin”  they seemed to say.

Never mind folks.  Only 9 more days of the amateur drinkers.  Then our real work begins.




      1. A couple of days ago I was paying £2, not two guineas, a pint in Humphrey’s proper Chester pubs and they were full pints.

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  1. I dropped my youngest son off at the first of his 12 pubs at 6.15pm last night and the carnage was already underway.
    So instead of a much-needed livener I went home to a cup of tea and a slice of Stollen.
    My older son is also putting in a few shifts at my local while he’s home so when he wakes up around lunchtime I’ll get the full gory details.
    Dryanuary can sod off.
    That’s my favourite month of the year.
    When the serious drinkers reclaim their territory.
    On the plus side I’ve forgotten what eight hours solid kip feels like.

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    1. P P-T,
      Yes, indeed, when the serious drinkers reclaim their territory – and I’ve got more than a couple of pubs planned for Wednesday 2nd and Thursday 3rd.

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  2. 9 days until the end of amateur fortnight seems like an eternity! Keeps the pubs going throughout the temperance movement’s virtue signalling month though.

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  3. Postscript – the only reason Farmers Bland is so popular is because it replicates the beers of yesteryear – well brewed, consistently faultless, but lacking any sort of distinguishable flavour. Older tastes never want to move on.

    PPS – There were never any Pashminas in Oughtibridge when I frequented those parts, I still can’t believe there are, although me and Rogers did find a fascinating array of Dildos and assorted sex toys under the bed when installing central heating in a terraced house there. You’d think people would hide those sort of things if you were having Plumbers in ripping the floorboards up.

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  4. Can I just point out that a foot-long breakfast roll comprising sausage,bacon and black and white pudding with a Heinz tomato ketchup ” jus ” and a pint mug of builder’s tea is a perfect late breakfast.
    You can shove your brunch up your hole as they say around these parts.

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  5. “Divides opinion, this one”

    Especially when they turn on the lights around its neck.

    “A “busy” menu”

    Or as they ‘in’ set says… biz-ey!

    “Jam jar of the wek”

    Is that near Oughtibridge?

    “Then our real work begins.”

    Dryanuary? 😉


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