Yes, still more from my Birthday I’m afraid.

Having lost track of time AND forgotten I could only use my return ticket on the Welsh chugger back to Piccadilly, I had 27.5 minutes to kill in Wilmslow.  No great undiscovered boozers, no micros, not even some weird street art down a dark alley.  Just a spooky church and an empty pedestrianised street.

Bustling Wilmslow

So the Old Dancer would have to do.  It was very decent on our official visit in 2016 when the custom came from a genteel Prosecco crowd; tonight it was lovably mixed.

And I like the idea of staff picks, as long as it’s not gin.  No, it was an unusual and extravagantly priced Swedish import.  Of course it was.

Staff picks – the sure sign you’re drunk
All I could manage

Very good, but tough going, and I couldn’t afford to be late for the 19.39 and have to spend another hour here. The staff came round to light the candles at 19.30, clearly a signal to leave.

Then, oddly, the bottle seemed to reappear, just as we passed Hazel Grove.

Authentic train beer

Next stop, no idea.  So I popped in the Piccadilly Tap to see if there were any Palace fans still gloating.

The Tap has just (belatedly) got in the Guide, rightly so I always thought. The cask list was fill of beers rubbed out by staff, but it did have ONE standout.

Oooh look
Perfection with Seabrooks

Well.  A birthday transformed with Burslem’s finest. Not quite the best ever, but rich and warming (NBSS 3.5).

Good lacings

What happened to the rest of that bottle of Narangi, I have no idea.

I did get some good photos in the loos as well.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Not for the first time in the Piccadilly Tap, it was a bit of a blur.

All a bit of a blur

Still, nearly home now.


  1. Remember you asked about Tom Waits and I told you he was in The Ballad of Buster Scruggs ?
    Well I finally got to sit down with my eldest tonight to watch it on Netflix over a pizza and a bottle of 15-year-old Dalwhinnie.
    The Cohen Brothers in absolutely sublime form.
    And Waits is terrific.
    My best movie of 2018.
    With one day left.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s amazing how much great art (well, music in my case) you catch up on late in the year. Found several wonderful LPs going thru random Best Ofs on Spotify.

      Battle of the Sexes was best thing I saw this year. Hate tennis.


  2. “Spooky”

    No offense but from that shot it looks a bit like a pub. 😉

    “Staff picks – the sure sign you’re drunk”

    I take it by this time you’d found your debit card? 😉

    “Authentic train beer”

    Ah. Pulling a ‘Si’ but with beer instead of food (and in a train vice a pub). 🙂

    “Perfection with Seabrooks”

    And nice how you make everything look purple. 🙂

    “All a bit of a blur”

    With a bit of luck you could have that on display in the National Gallery.



    1. Everything looks like a pub to you from over there, Russ.

      I found the card as soon as I sat down; it was in the little wallet Manchester City give me to keep my train ticket in (detail, detail).

      Everything is purple.


  3. Why doesn’t the Piccadilly Tap open till noon ?
    Piccadilly railway station had 27,724,962 entries and exits last year last year which is nearly 76,000 potential sales of a pint throughout each day.
    Each morning there’s a big queue stretching outside from the very nearby Greggs so that must be passengers having to get a coffee instead.
    Anyway, if they don’t want my custom on my way to the Lost Dene about 49 hours from now that’s up to them.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. “This pub serves 5 regular beers.
        •Caledonian Deuchars IPA
        •Courage Lost Dene Best Bitter (Rebranded Courage Directors)
        •Morland Old Speckled Hen
        •Shepherd Neame Spitfire”
        One’s plenty but FIVE of your favourites to choose from !

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Good spot. It used to be all from the wall, didn’t it. Actually the PP wasn’t even listed on the board from memory, I just saw the pumps behind the bar. Complicated display of beers is a big feature of 2018 pubs, particularly micros & beer bars. Must go back and inspect yours ;-0

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well one man’s complicated is another man’s simple! You’d be surprised (horrified!) how many people can’t cope without jam jars…

        It’s taken 3 years but our regulars and most new visitors can cope with our lack of hand pumps and the beers on the blackboard & pump clip pole, but Susie still occasionally gets people in with a tell tale look of confusion. I guess the population of the Tap is more transient, perhaps that’s why they’ve given in. Had some great Adnams last time I was in.

        Twit me when you’re next in the North East and fancy a preemptive tick in Seaham or Bishop Auckland…!


      2. Some people can’t cope without pashminas or cashmere scarves, but it don’t make them right, as David Thomas Broughton would say ;-0

        Adnams is a bellwether pint, isn’t it ?

        Will definitely say hello in the new year.


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