I haven’t got a clue how beer is made (beyond the fish gut bit), but I know a well-kept pint when I taste one. And see one. So here’s some nice pictures of beer.

Normally over early May Bank Holiday I’d be bringing you a report from our local’s annual Beer Festival, the high point of Fenland village life. But there’s only so many Festival T-shirts and glasses you can collect, and anyway I’ve had Northampton and Northumberland on my To Do list.

But I’m always happy to big up the Sun, a “Proper Pub” only let down by its affiliation to the Harry Kane Team.

Last time here (March) it was snowing,

Snow, kids

Last week in the heat we still camped in the Lounge waiting for our Chinese takeaway (Chung Hwa, the best), and rang the little bell that attracts the Landlady from the Public Bar.

We always ring the bell too loud

The beer range seems to revolve around Wherry, an Adnams, and a couple of smaller breweries from near (Turpins of Cambridge) and far (Bradfield of posh Sheffield).

You know what I think about that Adnams glass.  So the choice was easy.  Mrs RM had hot nuts (£1) with her Bradfield. You can see them in the photo at the top.

Frothy pints

As Mrs RM would say, a proper scummy head.  She’s practically a beer sommelier.  And a pint drinker.


Two great cool, rich, chewy pints (NBSS 4).  The epitome of what CAMRA should be about. That and lacings like this;








  1. I’m hoping to stop for one at the Sun tomorrow if I can get back out of the traffic jam that is Reach Fair. Only a pedant would point out that Turpins Brewery is now based in Pampisford, a mere 8 miles from Greater Waterbeach.

    Them Bradfield beers are good though; I even have a novelty beer mat I’ll take with me in case they still have one on…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I did know that, honest, but this is a “safe place” for pedantry. Not like that Mumsnet. Type craft beer in there and see where you get to !

      Nearly always get good Bradfield, particularly the Farers, but then South Yorks pubs that persist with cask generally know how to keep it.


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