Next up, a bit of a minor classic.  Though I suspect I’m alone in thinking this.

Into “real” Preston, not far from the Wetherspoons wherein resides the nation’s most awesome beer blogger. Here seen in a Proper Pub.

Recreating that pose

I’d have popped in one of Matthew’s favoured craft emporia to say hello, but I’d only decided on Preston late on, as the Mersey micros were closed (now there’s a shock).

Proper Preston

I guess you’d call the residential area that the Princess Alice hides in “mixed“, and I’d mean that as a compliment.

There’s some handsome looking local boozers a mile out from our usual Preston base, though the New Welcome is sadly less than welcoming at present.

No Welcome
Proper windows

If there’s one pub detail I can’t resist, it’s decades-old Beer Guide stickers left on the windows.  I may have been here in 1995, you know.

1988 and all that

I was a bit nervous that the Alice wouldn’t open at noon, with so many pubs these days deciding that 4pm is plenty soon enough, thank you.

Princess Alic
Lancaster, so much to answer for
Gorgeous, isn’t it ?

But it was, even if the Landlord was still setting up and presumably restoring order after the visit of Norwich City to Deepdale the day before. Canaries fans are always trouble.

So, why is the Alice in the Beer Guide when, say, the Ember Inn isn’t ?

Well, there’s lots of hand pumps. With local beers.


And it’s nearly as cheap as Wigan, which is saying summat.

Any CAMRA discount on that, mate ?

And it’s a proper community local that real people, rather than just beer bores, go to.


And the charity box alone is worth a visit.

I see a separate post on charity box design coming

But pubs with a dozen TV screens in every possible crevice, showing 3 different sports at the same time, rarely find favour with CAMRA branches.

So it must be the beer quality then.



And it was, being a better pint of Lancaster Blonde than I got at the brewery itself, with impressive texture, temperature and smell.  NBSS 4+.

I’ll have the Rangers interview, please

For a while I had the pub to myself.  Sadly they weren’t showing highlights of the CAMRA revitalisation debate, so it was a choice of the marathon, the IPL or Rangers v someone. Then they turned on the classic rock, just for me.

If I’d stayed much longer they’d have probably started the quiz and the meat raffle, just for me.  I’d have come second in both.

As I left it started to fill up. That happens a lot.

Revitalisation.  A posh word that means very little.  Only beer of the quality served in the Princess Alice will ultimately preserve real ale.









      1. I’ve still got that plate. It hangs in the hall with my collection of Denby Dale Pie Plates – would like to meet anyone with the 1895 or before Denby Dale pie plates for friendly negotiations, cash always available.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. You may not have met Sir Matthew, but given the presence of Lancaster Blonde, did you run into Johnny Whitepebble?

    And I bet the classic rock selection didn’t include anything from Magnum’s album “Princess Alice and the Broken Arrow”…

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Johnny Whitepebble was a spoof by Matthew Lawrenson of “seethelizards” of a pub blogger called Mike Blackstone, who seemed to spend his time travelling around Lancashire and the Lake District and apparently never finding favour with any beer apart from Lancaster Blonde.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. “A pint of Lancaster Blonde with impressive texture, temperature and smell. NBSS 4+” – that’s only to be expected of a beer from that lovely big old brewery in Wolverhampton.
    er, or am I getting confused between Lancaster Bomber and Lancaster Blonde ? .


      1. Gremlins in Brecon has a 1978 one in the window. Can’t recall seeing any older but as we spend most of our time going to new entries, we aren’t seeing much of the old stagers.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. After a few days in Spain, I have to admit – I’d rather have had a few proper pints in Lancashire. Looks good. I may not have recognised the charm of Preston upon my last visit there, but you have a way of finding beauty wherever you look for it.

    Liked by 1 person

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