When Mrs RM and I started exploring the country in the early ’90s (pre-Beer Guide ticking), we spent a lot of time just off the A6 in farmhouse B&Bs, in those grim times before Premier Inns were invented.

Back in the day, we became quite acquainted with the area between Preston and the majestic Forest of Bowland, much of which seemed to end in the letters “argh“.

As the OS shows, there’s now a place called Brunning & Price.


B&P would like us to think that Haighton Manor is set in glorious Lancashire countryside, but there’s no disputing that it’s also a hop and jump from a giant ASDA, a McDonalds and Chem Dry UK.


Haighton is Posh Preston, as the initials on Tom Finney’s badge suggest. It smells strongly of farm, a sure sign of affluence.

I arrive at 11am.  On a Sunday. Surely it’s closed.


But no, the door creaks open and I see a number of gentlefolk dotted around nursing expensive coffees. And lots of dogs.

Opulent, even

It’s so shiny it makes the closest Beer Guide entry, an Ember Inn, look like a run-down Hungry Horse.

At the bar I ask the eternal question..

Are you selling beer yet ?

Loads of ’em

Loads of beers, and far too many ciders.  You can guess the range.  Surely B&P can keep a pint of Landlord half-decently, even at 11am on a Sunday (as Nick Heyward once sang).

Blurry Landlord

Yes, they can.  It was half-decent, cool and tasty. NBSS 3+.  But then it is £4.20 a pint.  In Preston.


But then your £4.20 doesn’t just buy beer.  It buys opulence, a proper fire,

Fiery fire

a fine selection of family pub games,

Pub games

and the same classy artwork that BRAPA saw in their pubs in Salford Worsley last week.


I should note they sold a pint of Lancaster Blonde while I was there; that’s always worth noting.  And their staff are a credit to themselves and their employer.

Top banter;

Are ya doin decaff lartey ?”

Yes sir, we serve decaff latte

I sense you were hoping for better.  They’re saving it up for Simon’s visit.

Ale Cry -now even better

Some folk ask me why I visit the Guide pubs with all their dreadful posh pubs/working mens’ pubs/micros/Spoons.  It’s because you see life in pubs, and the GBG gives you the sort of contrast you’ll see 2 miles down the road, next up.









18 thoughts on “POSH PRESTON

  1. Far too many ciders ?
    You can never have enough ciders in my book.
    Lovely looking boozer though.
    Anyway,speaking of CAMRA one of the original co-founders Michael Hardman,has written to The Spectator suggesting the launch of a Campaign For Real Cricket.
    I reckon he may be onto something.
    HOWZAT ( attempt to confuse Russ in absentia )

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  2. Is the first photograph that of your regular correspondent “lifeafterfootball839” ?
    Obviously, if it is, it would be before he became “after”.

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  3. Premier Inn, Travelodge, Jury’s and the like must have a combined estate of about half-a-million beds.
    Interesting to muse how we managed without them.
    They are the keg version of the B&B market – all the same, just about OK and totally lacking in character.

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  4. That looks like a very smart and comfortable pub to have a drink in.
    I dont think i have ever been in a Brunning & Price pub but i would prefer to do one of them or an Ember Inn over a Micro pub any day.

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  5. Very nice Martin…though by rights it should have been closed for a wedding…or the ‘coming out’ ball for the farmers debutante daughter…

    “…the majestic Forest of Bowland, much of which seemed to end in the letters “argh“.”

    Which surely means that Grimsargh has to be the absolute classic example of the genre…?

    Looks like they have too many spirits on the bar as well…unless they’re all single malts – which is ok…

    In the beer garden photo I see the farmer is just turning up on his tractor (extreme left)…

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      1. I hadn’t thought about it Martin and it wasn’t a name I was familiar with until I read it on your blog.
        However having checked their website, although they re a bit tin on the ground in this area (2 in Hampshire), one of them is 7 miles away – the White Hart in Cadnam – which I haven’t been to yet – so it’s on my ‘must do soon’ list. There are a few pubs in that area so that’s a good excuse for a pub walk…:)

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